My wife left me, so it’s time to experiment

Well, actually she just left me for the weekend. It is their annual womens retreat so a handful of the women from church, Omega included of course, left early this morning for Minneapolis/St. Paul and won’t be back until later Saturday night. However, Omega stayed in Hoyt Lakes last night and she is staying there again Saturday night when they get back, so she actually ditched me for 3 days or so.

Oh well, I will live I suppose and she should have a great time so that is ok. Maybe I am going to have to plan some sort of retreat for myself over a weekend. Maybe a photography seminar weekend or something like that!

Speaking of photography, I suppose I better explain my comment in the title about being time to experiment. I dug out my old 35mm Olympus Superzoom camera, bought about 5 rolls of film and I think between today and tomorrow I am going to bring it along with my digital and see what sort of photos I can capture on film. From what I remember the quality of the pictures it takes are pretty good, now we’ll just see the quality of the photographer I guess! And for the record, when this camera says “Superzoom”, they really mean “hardly no zoom at all-zoom”.

Have a good weekend and I will share my film experiment/experience with you all next week if I manage to actually get out and shoot 5 rolls of film!


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