Look out, it’s a “blobsquatch”!

Check out this article about our friend the sasquatch, better known as Bigfoot. It seems that he is everywhere these days!

The link is from Boing Boing and you get there by clicking here Blobsquatches!

If you have a Blobsquatch picture to share, send it to me and I will be happy to share it here. The only stipulation is that I have to at least be to see some sort of resemblance to our big footed friend!


A moment of congratulations is in order!

I wanted to take a moment here to give a big pat on the back and nod of congratulations to Than! Here are some kind words from Carol A. Overland of the Overland Law Office — Utility Regulatory and Land Use Advocacy. *A fellow WordPress blogger*

Hooray! Another edition of the Grand Rapids Herald Review hits the streets. Than Tibbets is going for “Reporter of the Year” award, and by the time he’s through this grist mill called Mesaba, maybe more! He’s the one up there who does the digging, who actually READS these piles of testimony and documents, and then digs a little more, talks to the people involved.”

Some very encouraging words for you Than, keep it up!

If you want to read the rest of the article it is found here at legalectric.org

The title of the post is

“Excelsior’s Mesaba Project Exposed”

Again, great work Than. My hat’s off to you!

The sun sets on another day…

I thought you might enjoy this shot I got tonight on my way home from work of the sun setting in town here. I have to give some credit to my Mom because I was talking to her on the phone and she said that the sun was really red as it was setting. I couldn’t see it because it was at my back, so I turned the car around and found a good little vantage point and snapped a handful of shots. Enjoy!

Hibbing Sunset

Deer Season 2006 Recap

Well as promised, here is the timeline and breakdown of this years deer season.

Opening weekend-

I shot my buck and small doe on Sunday Morning then on Sunday evening my uncle Donny shot a nice 8 point buck.

1st Week-

My cousin Matt shot a small doe basically right in his yard and his dad, my uncle Kenny shot a nice 6 point buck.

2nd Weekend-

Saturday morning my uncle Mike shot the odd buck with the one long spike on one side. Sunday afternoon Mike shot the doe with his son Marshall. Sunday evening my cousin Jake shot the other odd buck with the one spike growing straight down the side of his face behind his eye.

2nd Week-

My Grandpa shot 2 small does, one earlier in the week and one later in the week, and Dad shot his big doe as well. I have a picture of him with his doe just a little below.

That is the breakdown as far as this season. As I said in the earlier post we had a pretty good season, not as many bucks as we would have liked but it was hard hunting this year and everything was really spread out with no real spikes or peaks in the action. But like I said, it was a lot of fun and even though it was hard hunting it was one of the most memorable hunting seasons that I remember for quite a few years. This season produced some great memories, including my Grandpa explaing how he used to be a “mean man” but now he has just “mellowed out” as he has gotten older. That will be probably one of my favorite memories for a long time.

So the tally for the year is 5 bucks and 6 does.

Here is Dad with his big doe he shot!

Dad’s Deer

The Closing of Another Season

Just gonna leave a quick wrap-up here now that the season is finished.

For our hunting party of 9 people we ended up with 11 deer.*actually, I miscounted and there are 10 people in our hunting party. My mistake!

Pretty successful season, although there didn’t seem to be much action. It was all pretty spread out and seemed like it was tough hunting this year. It was great fun as always, but I have to say in some ways I am glad it is over. It really was starting to wear me out, I think mostly because of my back. I would have liked to have a chance at the big boss buck from last year again, but he was never even spotted by anyone in our party this year. Hopefully he made it through and I will see him after season or next year. I plan on doing some post-season scouting here probably next weekend to see where they have been camped out, so as I find out more I will keep you updated. I will have one more post coming this week with a somewhat detailed breakdown and timeline of the season as far as who shot what and when.

For now though, this hunter needs a little shut-eye.

Photo Hunting

Sunday evening it had started to snow and by Monday there was a nice blanket of snow covering everything outdoors. I took an opportunity between hunts on Monday to get out and get some great pictures of a snow covered northland. Here is one that was taken at a river not far from my parents house. It is a bunch of foam/river sludge that had built up on some ice that had formed in the river.

Dirty River Ice

I have a whole bunch of new pictures that I need to get up on my Photography Page as well and I plan on getting that done before this weekend. I am seriously considering getting set up with a Flickr account however and if I do that it may delay the posting of the new pictures while I get everything set up and all of the previous images uploaded to the new Flickr site. I will keep you updated on that process as it/if it happens.