Ispiration Everywhere

This morning while I was getting ready for work, thinking about how much I didn’t feel like going into work today, I recieved an inspiring message from an unlikely source. It made me realize that no matter how un-inspired or motivated you may be feeling, you can find motivation or inspiration just about everywhere…..all you have to do is keep your eyes open for it and be willing to actually see it.

So my uplifting message for today is simple: If you are looking for a little motivation all you need to do is keep your eyes open so you see it and keep your mind and heart open to recieve it. Basically be willing to be inspired from any sources, no matter how strange the source may be.

Oh yeah, my morning inspiration today……it came from the little cap that imprints on the very top of my new stick of deodorant that I opened. You know the little plastic cap under the actual cap? It had the phrase”Embrace Challenge” etched into it, which in turn imprinted that phrase onto the very top of the new stick of deodorant.

I told you, inspiration is everywhere and can show itself from anywhere!

Keep the spirits up and have a great holiday season!


Time and brain power soak

Since last Saturday I have to say that I feel like I have been cut off from the world a bit. Not that I have been isolated or gone anyplace, but with my car breaking again it seems that all of my free time has been spent stressing over what I am going to do to replace/fix it. All of the ordinary thoughts included, such as how much can I afford, what do I want, what is the best course of action, when do I want it by, how am I going to get time to go test drive vehicles since I work all day…etc…

Tonight I kind of realized that although I know I will continue to be stressing over this process until I figure it out, I need to try and not think about it so much. Maybe a good rule of thumb will be to try and not worry about it after the dealerships close, which locally is between 6 and 7 during the week. That way the rest of my evening can still be enjoyed. I am still hoping that if I buy, I can get a good deal on something I really like, something I fit well in and last but not least, something that I can fit all of my drums into along with Omega. My backup plan is that if I can’t find anything else, I am going to put a couple of contacts at our local dealers to work to see if they can get me a 2006-2007 PT Cruiser with the upgraded “turbo” engine and cruise control. In the meantime we’ll just see what happens.

I feel bad because I know Omega is absolutely sick of talking about cars and hearing me stressing over all of this, but she is awesome because she still listens anyways! (well at least she pretends to listen, which is all I need! *wink* Just kidding honey!)

On a side note, we went and had a dinner date on sunday evening over at the Whistling Bird in Gilbert. This was very nice because even though we go out and do stuff, we really never actually dated. At least not by the traditional standards of what “a date” is. Rather than dinner and a movie we would hop in my car and go driving around till late into the night or we would go to our favorite place to just sit and talk, the Buhl Pit, and spend hours watching the stars in the summer sky as we enjoyed each other’s company and usually great conversation. I say usually great conversations because there were many times when we would just sit and listen to the sounds of the lake or watch the northern minnesota sky, the whole time never saying a word. Simply sitting and sharing the moments.

So anyways, we went on our date sunday evening which was very nice. It was an extremely pleasant break from all of my car stress. They have a nice little place there at the Whistling Bird yet to me it has never lived up to all the hype about it. The food is good but not great and the atmosphere is pretty neat, which I believe is why most people think it is such a fantastic place. It is much different than any of our other dining establishments in the area, so it has the ability to provide you with a feeling that you really went somewhere special compared to what else is out there.

Anyhow, now that I have rambled for a while, it is time for me to get to bed.

Scratch That

Well, scratch that thought about “Tin Man”.  I will wait to watch it until after the series is finished.

It looks really good, but it is a 3 part series so we will watch it later in the week when we can sit and watch it all in one sitting.

 In the meantime it looks like my site is having some sort of trouble and it won’t load up at all….Hopefully it will start working again soon.

A classic resurrection

As I write this I am undertaking an evening of witnessing a bold attempt to retell the classic story of “The Wizard of Oz”. It is on the Sci-Fi channel and it is called “Tin Man”. 

So far it seems to have a really cool feel to it, although I have to think that this one won’t be filled with all the singing. For some reason it doesn’t seem to have that “musical” feel about it.

For now though, I am going to go and enjoy the show!

If you have the chance to catch it, tune in and let me know what you thought of it.

Can it be?

What is all this craziness happening today……

This can’t be happening…..

Snow, lot’s of it, by December 1st?

This is ridiculous….this can’t be happening….here in Northern Minnesota we never get snow until at least the middle of January.

Ha! Things are back to normal here and I am just hoping that this snow sticks around. First, because it would be unique to finally have a “white christmas” again. Second, because then none of us will have all the trouble with pipes bursting and septics freezing.

On a not so fun note however, my car is broken once again. This time it seems that the blower or fan or something died because I have no heat at all. Which, of course, is not the best thing to have happening when it has been averaging about 10 degree’s over the last week or so. I don’t know what it will take to fix it this time, but I just don’t know if I should keep putting this money into it. Especially since I am sitting at almost 190,000 miles on the old Daewoo. At the same time it is a real pain to have to think about purchasing a new vehicle.