It’s the final countdown

As I write this we are finishing the last minute packing, rearranging things from one suitcase to another and getting ready to head down to Minneapolis/St. Paul this afternoon. There we will bum around with my sister for the afternoon/evening and then sleep on a super comfortable futon before we get up at the crack of 3 in the AM tomorrow morning and my sister will shuttle us over to the airport where we are scheduled to take flight at about 7 AM. After that it all Ohio for 7 full days of non stop craziness! Well, maybe not craziness, but I think it will be a lot of fun! More than likely I will not be posting until we get back, at which point I will try to recap everything. I am going to have to write the memorable things down so that when I get back and sit down to make a recap post I can remember everything that I want to!

See you back here at 150 North in about 1 week! Hold down the fort while we are gone, would ya?


A first in a long time…

This evening after heading to Virginia and picking up a new pair of New Balance cross trainers and eating dinner with Omega, I stopped in to Blockbuster Video to check out the current supply of used X-Box games. I was looking for a few in particular, of which they had none of course. But while looking for the other games on my list of want to play someday games, I stumbled across a game that I have debated buying ever since it came out. Continue reading

8 hours to freedom

That’s it….only about 8 hours or so and I am officially on vacation until June 6th!

Let’s just say that I can’t wait and today at work I am feeling a little something other than motivated! haha

Better get my stuff done here though….the sooner I finish the sooner I can be on vacation…..

In the words of the great band, Devo, it’s time to “Crack that whip!” and get back to work .