The Reaping

Perfect timing helps The Reaping shine in the theatre. Omega and I went and saw this movie tonight and both of us agreed that this was a very, very good movie. Basically it is about a scientist in modern times that spends her time dispelling so called “miracles of god” around the world. She is called to a small Louisiana town that claims to be suffering from the 10 plagues of the bible, in the book of Exodus I believe. Once there, she finds a small bayou town that is ready to lynch a 12 year old girl that they are blaming for all of the problems in town.

I won’t say much more about it because the story is very good and I don’t want to give any of it away or spoil it for you. This is a fantastic movie with a genius marketing team that released this movie to coincide with Easter weekend, when so many people around the world are thinking about the bible and its teachings already.

Last words on The Reaping, don’t hesitate….go see this movie as soon as you get the chance. You won’t be disappointed. Just remember that it is just a movie. I’m sure there are critics out there that are well versed in the Bible that will sit through the movie, criticizing all the flaws that stray from the Bible. If you watch the movie with that mindset I can almost guarantee you won’t like it, however it you realize that it is just a movie and make up your mind going in that you will put your personal beliefs aside and just let the movie flow, you will be treated to one heck of a good story….Enjoy it because movies as good as this one don’t come around as often as you would think…..


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