Woodland Treasures, once lost now found….

I know some of you have been waiting to see what exactly it was that I found while out in the woods. I hope the hype isn’t going to out-do the actual item. I know for me it won’t, but then again I know what I found don’t I? 😉

While scouting out an some hunting area with my Dad the other day we saw tons of deer sign and I was fortunate enough to find this!

Antler Shed 1

I was pretty excited about this because in all of my years hunting and exploring the outdoors I had never actually found an antler shed. I had been with uncle’s when they had found them, but never actually had the honor myself. The sort of wierd thing is that maybe 15 minutes before I found it I had told my dad that it would be cool to find a shed from one of two other bucks in the area. Well I know this didn’t belong to either of them, so that means that a 3rd buck has been in the area. Things look good for the upcoming season.

Well, there is more to this story. Yesterday my Dad and I were out again scouting in some different area’s and getting ready for the season. As if the joy of the previous day’s treasure wasn’t enough, I found these.

Antler Shed 2

That’s right. I found another shed. Only this was a full pair. Apparently this deer went bald all at once. These two were found within a foot of each other and they are considerably larger than the first shed I found the day before. More good sign for the upcoming season.

Here is a comparison of the size difference in the two finds.

Antler Shed Comparison

The best part about it all is that I almost wasn’t the one to find either of these sets. I was following behind my Dad both times and he was so busy looking for scrapes and rubs that he never saw either one of them. I should buy a lottery ticket maybe, it seems I have some luck at the moment!

Here is one more shot of the larger set. I had my nephew Caleb help me a little with this shot. Afterall, why wouldn’t I have the coolest kid I know help me take pictures of one of the coolest things I’ve found!

Caleb and Antlers

So that’s it…the big mystery is revealed! I have some more pictures of these Antler Sheds, some deer and a couple of scenic shots that are going up on my photo page, so head over there and check those out too!



New Toys and Sad Times

It has been a couple of days here so I suppose a brief recap is in order.

Let’s see…

I spent sunday mostly relaxing. I had church in the morning and then came home to watch the Vikings. I have to say they look pretty good. I am absolutely loving the new defense. They are playing so tough and with so much intensity, especially when they get that first big play it just seems to snowball for them from there. 

So right after the game on sunday I made a really quick trip to buy my new digital camera. After much debate and research on the good old internet I decided on the Canon Powershot S3 IS. So far I love it. I have only had one afternoon to take some pictures and I am still learning everything it can do, so bear with me. I will have new photos up soon from this new camera.

Monday I spent most of the afternoon and evening with my best friend Jason. This is where the sad times come in a little bit. Monday marked the last time that he and I will be able to hang out before he moves to Ohio in just a few days. It is a bit of a bittersweet moment because on one hand I am bummed that my best friend is moving, especially somewhere as far away as Ohio. On the other hand though I am very happy for him because he is so happy to be moving. The bottom line is that as long as he is happy with everything, then I am happy too. He deserves to be happy, he’s a good guy and is a great friend. I will miss having you around, that is for sure.

I will have a new post up in a day or two…or maybe three. There should be some new pictures added from the new camera, including one of something I found in the woods yesterday. Also there may be some info to share in regards to a Haunted Ship.

See you back here very soon!

4 years later

I know it will seem a little strange maybe, but I just want to say Happy Anniversary to myself. Well, not just to myself, but to my wife as well. It isn’t our wedding anniversary, but today marks the historic day 4 years ago that we decided to make it official and start dating.

As many of you know already, it took us a little time to admit that we actually were dating. Everyone else said we were, we acted like we were, but we kept saying that we were just friends. Well I guess it was mostly me who kept saying that, right honey?

So as it goes, 4 years ago today was the 2nd best thing that ever happened to me. Now hold on, don’t get all upset because I only called it the 2nd best thing that happened to me, I have a good reason. The 1st and absolute best thing that has happened to me is also an honor I share with my wife and that is the day we were married. (that is only about a 4 month anniversary though!)

So Happy Anniversary to my wife Omega, to me and I am so happy to get to spend the rest of my life having anniversary’s with you! Thank you so much for being the best thing that ever happened to me!

I love you now and forever


A brief message from Mr. Taco

Personally I found this very funny. I’m not sure why exactly, but it just seemed funny to me. See for yourself.


In case  you can’t read the message because of the low quality image from my camera phone it says..

“With my deepest sympathy I regret to announce that this side of the lobby will be closed for the evening. I apologize for any inconvienience.             -Mr. Taco “


Is Target sending the right message?

The other day I came across a strange pairing of shelf items while in our local Target Store. I snapped this picture just so that I could share the strange-ness with all of you.


As I studied this little oddity, both in the store and after I left, I can come up with only 3 possible conclusions.

1. I guess I don’t know anything about what an expecting mother needs.

2. I wish I was an Expecting Mother so that I could eat all the Cheez-It’s I wanted and have it be looked upon as me “eating well”. Which brings me to my next theory to solve this dilema….

3. If Cheez-It’s are considered “Eating Well for the Expectant Mother”, then logically they must be considered a good choice for eating well even when you are not an expecting mother.  I always knew that people were lying to me when they told me that things like Cheez-Its were just junk food. Hah! I guess this picture and the local Target proved all of you wrong!

Poorly named or Genius Marketing?

A friend of mine told me earlier tonight that I have a “long” writing style. I agree. So in the interest of a nice short post for a change, here is a funny gas station that I had come across a couple of months ago while traveling. These were taken with my camera phone so the quality isn’t the best, but in case you can’t read it in the picture, the gas station is called the “Pump ‘N’ Munch”.

Enjoy, it cracks me up every time I think about it!