Long Days ahead

Well, it is one down and 9 more to go. We are in the middle of a two week project at work that is absolutely mentally exhausting and that is how I feel after just the first day of it. We have 4 more days this week of the mentally brutal work, very similar to what I used to do when I worked at Fingerhut as a telemarketer, and then basically 5 days next week that will be long, but in a different sense.

Without going into details I would say that I have real mixed feelings about this project, but I am trying to stay optimistic and positive about it. I will try to keep everyone updated and still post regularly the next two weeks, but if I don’t post for a few days go easy on me!


Thick black frames on the way…

Tomorrow is the big day! I have my eye appointment in the morning, which Omega was so kind to set up for me. By mid afternoon I should have the Drew Carey’s in hand or I guess you could say on the face! After we get done with that, if the weather is kind to us that is, we are heading up the North Shore of Lake Superior, towards the Gooseberry Falls region, for an afternoon photo shoot. It should be a fun day!

I’ll fill you in on how mad Omega gets when I get those glasses 😉  as well as how the trip up the North Shore goes!

Ever feel like…

Anyone out there ever feel like you are just hemorrhaging money. You know, those times when everything seems to be happening all at once? I’m sure someone out there has, so I know I am not alone.

Basically my cash-flow has been redirected to two things, my car and my eyes. I need to get some routine maintenance type work done on my car, such as a new air filter for about $25, coolant system flush for about $70, transmission flush for about $90 and a new serpentine belt put on for about $70. If all goes according to plan I will have this done tomorrow afternoon after I get off work. On top of all that I really need to get new glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I can still see just fine and I don’t think my eyesight has deteriorated at all, it’s just that it has been about 5 years or so since I have had an exam and my glasses are kind of shot. Over time they have somehow developed this sort of milky looking film on the lenses that I cannot get rid of. I even brought them in to an optical shop a few months ago to see if there is anything they could do, but sadly there wasn’t. So, in the interest of preventing my eyesight from getting worse due to poor quality glasses, I need to go get new ones. I am hoping to get this done on Saturday down in Duluth if the doctor is there so I can get the exam. If not Saturday it will be very soon, and I am sure I am looking at between $200 and $400 when that is all said and done.

Omega says no, but get ready to see me in the classic “Drew Carey”, thick, black framed glasses!

A new favorite activist group

Earlier this week my Dad and I had stopped into a local sporting goods store in Grand Rapids called Glenn’s Army Navy. While browsing our way through for a few minutes we came upon a t-shirt advocating a new activist group out there. They are, in fact, stealing the name from another popular group out there and making it their own.

You are all familiar with the group “PETA” or “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”. They are, in my opinion, a bunch of idiots. Sorry if you support them, I mean no offense to you, but lets face it…Cow’s were put here to be eaten by humans and if there is a use for their hides after they are killed to be eaten, so be it!

Anyhow, this new group has stolen the “PETA” name and made it their own. “PETA” now stands for “People Eating Tasty Animals”. The slogan of the new and improved PETA; All wildlife animals look best next to the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Of course I don’t think that ALL wildlife falls into that category, but certainly many do!

Naturally this isn’t an actual group. Just a clever play on words contrived by someone to make some money on some t-shirts and hats, which this new slogan and group name were printed on. Being an avid hunter and outdoors-person, I found this to be very funny. Mostly because I can’t stand the ridiculous lengths that the real PETA will go to in order to save an animal from man killing it. Especially when these animals often face much more brutal deaths and treatment in their natural habitat. For example, hunt down video footage of wolves killing deer or other animals and see how brutal that is compared to me shooting a deer. I guess I’m just not an animal rights activist kind of guy. To each their own I suppose.

PETA vs. PETA, I can see the lawsuit coming already! To that I say to the real PETA, relax and quit taking yourselves so seriously. It is meant as a joke and a bit of razzing, that’s all. Instead of spending all that money on a lawsuit, donate to the DNR or some wildlife benefit to truly help animals.


Well, after a weekend of pretty crappy weather of course all week has been absolutely perfect out. Warm, sunny, no clouds, not too windy…perfect for getting out and doing whatever you want to do outside. For me that typically means picture taking. I truly cherish these gorgeous spring days when the weather is great and I am stuck at work the whole time! That is great fun!

So for all of you who, like myself, enjoy weekends full of crappy weather only to find that when you wake up and head to work it is the most perfect day you could imagine, I offer this advice……Just quit your jobs……haha

I admit defeat

Well, after a short life of only a few weeks I have decided to hang up the gear so to speak, on Sporting Minnesota. It was a good idea at first, but I believe was a bit too broad to cover effectively and stay on top of everything happening in sports. The site is still there, but at least for now I won’t be making any new updates. Maybe once football season starts I will think about it, but I just don’t have enough time to dedicate to it right now.

I do have another idea in mind that is a bit more focused and also can all be written off of my own experience. Once I get it up and running I will be sure to let you all know!

My weekend in a nutshell

I am just going to recap quickly here and will follow up later in the week on a few things in more detail. I just don’t want to forget about them so I am going to get them down in my summarized “nutshell” version.

Let’s see….For Friday I worked until noon and then met Omega for lunch in Chisholm then met my parents there as they were heading out of town for the weekend. I also spent some time sitting in my car with the windows down, a nice breeze blowing in, just reading a Bowhunting magazine. It was then I realized that I don’t know much about that anymore, even though I used to be big into archery as a teen. Friday evening Omega and I went to a nice dinner at Sammy’s then spent the rest of the night driving around through a couple local car dealership lots in Hibbing and Virginia doing a little dreaming about what we would buy if we could! Sounds odd, but it was a nice time and I enjoyed it.

Okay, on to Saturday. I spent all morning and afternoon out taking pictures. I ended up getting some really good shots and had a blast. In the evening Omega was just enjoying a little much needed relaxation at home so I just ended up driving around and watching deer at various places here in Hibbing.

Finally, for Sunday…. Of course we had church this morning, which was enjoyable as usual. Omega and Lisa ran church for kids during the pastor’s sermon, which was the first week they have done that. According to Omega it went well, other than that she didn’t say much about it. After church I headed back toward Hibbing and Omega stayed over in Hoyt Lakes because they had women’s bible study tonight at 5 pm, so we drove separate. On the way home I was chatting on the phone with Than and was going to see if he wanted to meet me out by Carey Lake here in Hibbing and have a little photo shoot/afternoon. I didn’t ask though because it was starting to rain and also he was asking me to set up my drums. I went home and debated back and forth over if I wanted to do that today(more on this later this week) and finally decided, what the heck. So I set up my drums and called Than back to let him know. Of course that prompted him to head over in short time and we spent the whole afternoon/early evening just playing and jamming. It was different….lot’s of mixed thoughts, but it was fun. It made me realize that I missed playing more than I thought I did. And don’t worry Than. When I say I had mixed thoughts, I’m not talking about what we played tonight or how amazing we were. More in the vein of dealing with the past I guess you could say!

Also since I saw that Omega had made an official post on her blog, The Daily Omega, I figured I would take a moment to send an official congratulations from 150 North to Lisa and Matt. My sister and brother-in-law, I guess you would call it, are expecting the arrival of their second child! Very exciting and I know Omega and I are so happy for you! Now if only you will name this next one Ricky Bobby if it’s a boy or maybe Alexandra Alexis if it is a girl! Then I will be happy! haha (for the record I just kind of pulled those names out of my rear end and they have zero real significance, other than Ricky Bobby to the movie Talledega Nights; which I have never even seen!)

Well, I’m off to bed now. That wasn’t quite the quick and short summary I had originally planned but hey, what’s a guy to do….right!