Something Old….

I took a little trek out near my parents place and had some fun snapping pictures of random things I came across. I think one of the coolest discoveries, or maybe I should say “rediscoveries”, I made was a bunch of old bear skulls from probably at least 10 years ago. They were left near an old hunting shack the family had on the property and I forgot they even existed until I stumbled across them. Here are a couple of snapshots.

Bear Skulls in Tree



A first for me

Tomorrow will be a first for me. Actually tomorrow holds a few first’s for me. Omega and I, along with Lisa and Matt are going to partake in some of the wonderful Fall Foliage along the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior. That will be the first time I have traveled up there for the sole purpose of taking in some breathtaking fall scenery. The real kicker is that we are going to Continue reading