Top secret weapon tested by Marines

So it seems that there is a new secret weapon to be used in the war on terror. Marines have been testing it recently at the Marine base in Quantico, Virginia as well as at Fort Detrick in Maryland about two years ago. The Air Force has tested this same technology last fall near Colorado Springs, Colorado as well. Apparently it has the power to knock out communications in a large area. So what is it? A new smart bomb, electromagnetic pulse bombs, a top secret agent codenamed the Eagle that will sneak in and take on all of the terrorists worldwide with nothing more than a big knife?

Actually, I guess this isn’t really a weapon. It also does not knock out communications. Instead it seems the testing the Marines and the Air Force have been doing actually is doing nothing more than attacking life in suburbia.

Apparently they are testing some specific radio signal frequencies for use during terror alerts so that both the military and the civilian emergency responder’s can communicate in case of an attack. These radio frequencies seem to attack and successfully neutralize any nearby garage door opener systems.

The people that live near the bases have had to spend hundreds of dollars to replace their garage door opening systems and there is currently no compensation being offered by the military or the government. They say that “Consumer wireless devices, such as garage door openers, operate on an unlicensed basis, meaning they are required to accept any interference from licensed spectrum users, including the Department of Defense”.  How is that for a fine how do you do? The government gets to say “We are gonna test some stuff. We know it will mess up your private property, but we don’t have to fix it. Sorry, but if you don’t like it……too bad”

Read the whole story here, it’s not very long so check it out. Marine signal knocks out garage door openers. Story on



Or maybe lack thereof is more like it. Right now we should be sitting here in the middle of the “Storm of the Century” according to some TV weathermen. Pretty much most of Minnesota was supposed to get hit, but as I looked out my window this morning I saw nothing but a few little icy flurries on my car and nothing falling from the sky. It seems it missed us again, at least so far. Maybe tonight we will get blasted with a big storm, but I know it won’t be any sort of Storm of the Century. Crazy weathermen.

Well, since we didn’t get the “Big” snow we were supposed to, my photo plans for the day may be in jeopardy. I was hoping to get out and grab some nice shots of the high winds blowing large amounts of snow around in nature, however with no snow I am left with just the high winds. I am going out anyhow though, as the weekends are about my only real time to just go out and shoot without having to worry about work or anything like that.

On a little more local note before I go off. For those of you out there who may care about this. The Hibbing/Chisholm girls hockey team lost yesterday. They are in the State Tournament and if they would have won yesterday they would have played in the championship game today. But they lost so I think they play a consolation game today or something. On that I am not sure. Also, the Grand Rapids/Greenway girls hockey team lost as well yesterday. This was the 2nd consecutive loss in the State Tournament for them so I believe they are done now.

Didn’t know if anyone would be interested in hearing about that so I figured I would just throw it up there and see what happens. Also, I may have a post with my thought on Jim Carrey’s new movie, “The Number 23”. Omega and I went to see it last night and if I feel motivated enough later I will post up my thoughts. For now lets just say it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t anything really special in my book.

But that’s all for me today. I am heading out the door now to see if I can find anything to take photo’s of. Stupid weathermen and the “Storm of the Century”

Parent’s, Don’t let your kids read this

All I can say is this:

Study: Video game playing surgeons are more skilled.

This was in the top few news stories on tonight. I won’t go into detail on the story, you can read that for yourself by clicking here: Video game playing surgeons are more skilled story on

I was wondering how long it would take for a study like this to come out. Now to be fair, as far as I remember reading in the story it never says that surgeons who play video games are any smarter, just that they are more skilled at perfoming the surgical procedures that require the surgeon to manipulate small tools through a tiny incision and have only a tv screen to guide them. Read the story for yourself though. I thought it was interesting.

Although again, I think there are probably more important things going on in the world, but at least this was more interesting than a bald Britney or another Anna Nicole Smith story.

The secret is in the hair….

Or maybe the lack thereof.  So is it Sinead O’Conner sighting, nope it is in fact former pop star Britney Spears.  Apparently she was seen in a tattoo parlor with her head completely shaved bald….*enter huge amounts of sarcasm* Oh my, what ever will we do? How can the world survive if Britney is bald? Is it because she was in rehab? Maybe she is doing crack? WHO CARES!

I bring this story up because a bit earlier this evening I decided to take a look at to see what was in the news and of course the story of Britney Spears shaving her head completely bald was one of the top couple of stories. Are you kidding me? There has to be more important things going on in the world or this country, heck even this state or city, that are more important than that. Sometimes, well usually pretty often, these big news networks really seem to have their heads stuck in La-La Land. The scary part is that large masses of people refuse to think on their own and live in La-La Land with them….

Oh well…enough ranting for the night. I need some sleep.

Oh, and in case you want to read the story or see a picture of bald Britney, the link is right here: Bald Britney Story on

A little movie update

I was going to right a full post on each of these movies, but I decided that I would just give a quick little thought on each one all in one post. I think my average right now is somewhere about 2 to 3 movies per week after this past week.

First my thoughts on The Messengers. It’s a horror movie. Well it is supposed to be, but it just sort of fell short of the mark for me. It wasn’t a bad movie really, but it was just sort of ok.  It’s the same old, “New family moves into a house. The house is haunted and starts tormenting the kids. The daughter tries to get her parents to believe her, but they just don’t because of some sort of problem the daughter had before they moved there that made her parents lose trust for her. Eventually the ghosts start terrorizing the parents too so they believe her now, but it may be too late. ” That’s basically the movie, without giving it all away. Like I said it wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t great. It seemed like it had all been done before. I also thought it was very annoying how right from the beginning of the movie they tried to make everything seem extra dramatic and tense. They gave the tense music treatment to any little event that may be happening, including walking over to a window to look outside. They seemed to be trying too hard to make this movie scary and I think that’s why it just never quite got there.

Next on the screen this past week was “Music and Lyrics”. Omega and I went to see this on thursday I think it was. If you don’t know what this movie is about, don’t worry. Music and Lyrics stars Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I won’t get into the story too much here because it really isn’t a very big story and I don’t want to ruin it for you. This movie was very predictable, just another sappy chick flick, but it was very good. My only problem with the movie is that for some reason I was constantly reminded of “The Wedding Singer” and comparing the two movies leaves Music and Lyrics a little lower on the scale. Go see this movie, it’s a fun and entertaining hour and a half or so. Yes, it’s a chick flick, but I think you’ll like it anyways.

Last but not least here is the movie I watched last night while Omega was at work. Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny. Let me just start by saying this movie is not for everyone. Absolutely not for kids and you have to like Tenacious D’s music and sense of humor to even want to attempt watching this show. If you didn’t know, Tenacious D is actor Jack Black’s band, so if you don’t like Jack Black don’t watch this movie.

Ok, now that I have the disclaimer section done on the movie I have to say that I loved it. It was nothing that you really took seriously and a lot of it was just nonsense, but I really liked it. I have been listening to the soundtrack for this movie for a couple months now and it was just cool to actually see the story played out on screen. I recommend any fan of Tenacious D or Jack Black make sure to check out this movie, you won’t be sorry.

Time for a new look?

Well, as you can see I am trying out a new look for the site. I like the old look, but kind of wanted something different. I guess to see if the grass was any greener on the other side, so to speak. I may end up going back to the old version, but who knows, I may decide I like this more.

My initial feeling is that it is a little cleaner and easier to read, it has a certain sleek-ness to it that appealed to me.

Let me know what you think!