As the world turns….

Or something like that anyways.

Just a brief weekend wrap-up/preview of the upcoming week.

Home last friday night and watched the Vikings defense dominate in a preseason win over the Jets, visited a bit with my parents later in the evening and then came home. Saturday found Omega and I meeting up with my parents and my sister’s family at the Minntac Company picnic. That was a good time. I still can’t help but think how nice it would be as a company to have enough money in to just shut down all of Ironworld for a private party. Anyhow, Omega and I left there at around 1 or 1:30 roughly and she headed over to Hoyt Lakes to visit with our family over there while I headed up north to the South Switch, near Cook, where I came out of rock and roll retirement for the debut of Attaboy.

Attaboy is the band that Than has put together, consisting of Than on guitar and vocals, Liam on bass (switching off with Than at times to guitar) and myself helping with some of the vocals and of course, drumming. Going into the gig I admit I was a bit unsure. I felt like I really didn’t care if I played in a band or not.  I also was a little curious to see how this would all play out since prior to taking the stage on saturday evening, the three of us had not played as a group together even once. No rehearsal, just jumping in and going for it. Granted, Than and I have played together in the old band and Than and Liam have played together over the years, but as a group we had never played together.

Can you see why I was a bit apprehensive about the situation? Needless to say, it went well. It actually pretty much rocked the house and we are already being asked to play some additional gigs because of how well it went on Saturday. So that was pretty cool and I had a lot of fun. I think more than anything it got me to be okay with life after the ‘Snakes, so that I realized that I can still have fun playing in a totally different group.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no intentions of jumping back into playing every single weekend like we used to. I think in a perfect world we would play maybe once a month. Just enough to have fun, makes some extra cash, but not have to tie up all of my weekends. Than and I talked about maybe trying to get things set up on sort of a once every 3 weeks deal, which would be okay I think also. It would just depend on the weekends and what I had going on.

Most importantly though, I got to be home with Omega for most of the weekend, except Saturday, which I needed greatly. I do want to mention that while I was away at training last week Omega took it upon herself to “remodel” the bathroom. I admit that when she told me on the phone earlier last week what she was doing I thought that maybe she was getting into a project that was a little too big for her to handle alone, as well as too big for our budget. By the time I got home last Friday evening though, she was just putting the finishing touch on the paint and it was about done. Let’s just say it was stupid of me to worry about it because it looks great! She did a wonderful job giving our bathroom a much needed facelift! To that I say to Omega, sorry for worrying about it and having doubts. You did a fantastic job and it looks great! Thank you for making our home look a little better! Love you 😉

So anyways, that was my weekend. I am all packed and ready to go now for another week of training in Duluth. I will be leaving town in probably an hour or so, just have to stop and get a haircut quickly then Omega and I are going to grab some dinner before I head out of town.

If I get a chance I will post some more over the week, otherwise I will get something up next weekend when I am home again!

Have a good week!


Training Update

As you know, this past Monday August, 13th, I started my new career as a Personal Banker at Wells Fargo Bank. To give you just a brief update from my hotel room, at The Radisson in Duluth, I’ll hit the basics before I head off for bed.

Monday was spent at my new office in the Hibbing location. The better part of the morning was spent going through an unofficial orientation with my new manager. Had a big tele-conference at 1pm where we had our official orientation with some fine folks in the Greater Lakes region Wells Fargo HR department. After that there was a brief round of introductions to my new co-workers in the Hibbing office and then it was off to go pack and drive to Duluth to get checked into my room and get ready to attend my first real day of training.

This morning, Tuesday, I woke up at 6:30 and grabbed breakfast in the scenic rotating restaurant on top of the Radisson. Yes, it actually rotates around the building and from what I overheard one of the waitstaff telling another customer, it takes about 17 minutes to fully rotate around the whole building. It is quite an impressive view as the sun was still low in the sky over the big lake. From there is was off to training, which is just a short 2 1/2 block walk away from my hotel. As for training itself, there was a heck of a lot of info thrown at us this first day, most of which I either knew something about already or was able to get the gist of pretty quickly. All in all I think things went well and even though there is much more to learn, I look forward to soaking in everything I can.

I do have to say that although I have only been down here basically one day, I already feel like it’s going to be a long 8 weeks. I miss my wife, I miss being able to relax in my own home in the evenings and did I mention I really miss my wife…. I’ll quit whining about it here in a second, but I just don’t like being away from her. Whether it is to talk to in the evenings or being curled up next to her, listening to her snore on and off, when we go to bed at night.

Let’s just say I will be a happy, happy man when this 8 week stretch is finished.

Anyhow, that is the quick lowdown on the how the new job and training is going so far.

One side note I should add….Wells Fargo must be trying to make me gain about 40 pounds, as if I needed to gain even 1. They give a very generous food reimbursement allowance and were adamant in making sure I use every penny of it. The only good news is that now I can afford to go out and eat those high priced, healthier meals in the nice restaurants instead of the usual Taco Johns or Subway!

I will try to update more as the weeks go on, however I may spend a bigger portion of my time trying to work on a collection of writings I want to get down in regards to our families hunting/fishing/outdoor adventures. I will also try and give a report of how my first gig in about 2 and a half years went. It is coming up this Saturday at the South Switch in Cook, MN. It should be fun/interesting as we have not practiced at all really and we are totally throwing this thing together to see what happens. I hope it goes well and that we all have fun, even if we botch things up here and there, because maybe it will re-ignite the passion I once had for performing. Sadly though, as of this moment I just don’t feel the same as I used to about playing, but it will come. I think I was just burned really bad with the old situation and it left a very bad taste in my mouth that is going to take quite some time to get rid of.

That’ s all for now……Can’t wait to get back to my normal 150 North territory and get settled into my new position!


For many of you this won’t mean anything, but to myself and all the members of our terrific hunting party this is truly a sad day.

This past Wednesday my Dad called me up in the afternoon while I was at work and told me he had some bad news on the hunting front. He said he noticed a new road being punched into the woods, basically right where we hunt. Our family has hunted here for many years and had a whole lot of success, with many deer being harvested over the years. I myself have taken just 3, two bucks and a small, small doe that I would rather not talk about! haha

Anyhow, after Dad called I made a trip out to meet him so we could pull a few stands we had left in there since last year and make sure that they didn’t get stolen by the logging people, if they hadn’t already. That evening Dad, my uncle Mike and his son Marshall and I went in to get the stands out and to see how bad it looked like this would be. At that time they had basically just pushed the road in, but that was bad enough. The road ran right between the two stands we had in there currently, as well as right to the base of the old monarch stand we have had in there for years. In fact, this past deer season was the first time since I can remember that we didn’t use that big old spruce tree, opting instead to put in two seperate stands that were situated a little better. It seemed to work and as you may remember from my posts last deer season I was able to harvest two deer out of my new stand.

Fast forward to this evening now. I was out doing a little scouting of another area we hunt in and decided I was going to stop in to see if I could get an idea of how much and where exactly the were going to be cutting. Let’s just say it doesn’t look good for the home team right now. They don’t appear to be anywhere near finished cutting and already it is totally different. My only hope is that they keep cutting where they are now and then block that road off when they are finished so that we don’t have everybody and his brother in there during deer season. That is how it goes around here unfortunately. A new slashing is cut, a big road leads right to it and some bozo thinks they are going to make it their hunting ground, and I use that term loosely since often times their version of hunting is driving their truck right into the middle of the slashing and sitting there waiting for something to walk out.

After looking around a bit tonight I think that if they keep cutting where they are now, which is basically right behind where I had my stand last year between the beaver ponds and the highway, then block the road off we may be alright in there this deer season. I guess we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of how it sits right now.  !CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW FOR THE FULL PICTURES!

This is the area basically right behind my stand, between the beaver ponds and the highway. The woodline in the distant right is where our usual trail would lead up to the pines just before you got to the big spruce tree.

Behind my stand

Sadly this is all that remains of the Old Spruce Tree stand. That stand was kind of a legend in it’s own right….at least to me.

Old Spruce Tree

One more shot of the Old Spruce Tree. Here is that one, lone tree step that we used to get us up into the branches so we could begin that long climb up to the lofty heights, hidden from site amidst the thick cover of spruce branches bigger than your wrist.

Tree Step in the Old Spruce Tree

It’s a sad day for sure, but I am hoping for the best.