Another one for the books

It seems that our states streak of having crummy weather on Halloween has held true for yet another year.

Even though it wasn’t like some of the memorable ones of the past, such as the Halloween Blizzard of 1991, it was again cold and miserable outside for all of those trick or treaters.

Today kind of had it all, chilly temps with frigid winds. Occasional bouts of sunshine. A lunchtime snow shower that lasted for about an hour here in Hibbing and of course some menacing and dramatic cloudy skies.

As I sat at work today, still counting the minutes till the deer season opener, I listened to customer after customer come in and exclaim how crummy the weather was or how awful it is that every year it seems like Halloween day brings nasty, cold and usually damp weather.

On the way home from work a thought occured to me…

Isn’t this type of weather perfect for a day such as Halloween? A day built around scary costumes and frustratingly annoying pranks. A day where the movie industry will cash in on a huge scale that is only reached a few times each year, both with new release horror movies such as Saw 4 and 30 Days of Night on the big screen as well as the mad rush of people trying to find a couple of their favorite horror movies at rental stores nation wide. This day is all about scary, creepy and miserable things. The one day a year where people have fun feeling at least a little bit of the shocking sensation of terror.

I think it is fitting that on a day built up to be the “scariest day of the year”, no not the day your taxes are due, I’m talking about “All Hallows Eve” (Halloween). It’s fitting that the weather responds accordingly to help set the mood for fright, terror and misery. Besides, no matter how cold and cranky the parents get, those little ghouls and goblins that are out trick or treating never seem to mind the poor weather conditions.

They have one thing on their mind, which is coming home with a big, fat bag of candy that they can proceed to feast on for the next few days/weeks/months, depending on how bountiful the loot was.

So I, for one, embrace the annual streak of having crazy, crummy weather on Halloween.

Do you?

*plus, now that Halloween is all but over, that means there are only 2 days left until the biggest half a month of the year!


One down…..

Four more to go…..

Four long, long more to go……

Bought a new grunt call this evening. It is the “Buck Growl” by M.A.D. and Mark Drury of Drury Outdoors fame. Can’t wait to test it out….

The Longest Week

Starting tomorrow, well midnight tonight to be exact, the beginning of one of the longest weeks of the year.

The week before deer season.

It is of course a week that I will spend at work, watching the clock and counting the minutes, until Saturday morning when I will wake up at around 3:30 or 4:00 am and head out for the opening morning hunt. Sounds pathetic to those of you who don’t hunt, I know. But for those of you that do hunt, I’m sure that you can relate.

Of course, with the onset of the upcoming deer season that will mean that once again I will have the required season “box score”/updates of how the hunt is going.

As for now, I need to wrap this up and then get my tired self up to bed. It was a pretty exhausting weekend which included another dose of Attaboy. If you don’t know what Attaboy is head over to and check it out. It was a good time for all, as usual. Of course that also meant that I was up at around 8 or 9 am Saturday morning and didn’t even park my car outside of my house until about 3 in the morning. As I get a little older I find that my bedtime seems to want to creep earlier and earlier into the night.

Anyhow….as you can tell by that last bit of rambling from one subject to the next, I am tired.

Talk to you soon.


I can’t believe that no one has left a comment on my previous post. Not a single person even had the thought of “what in the world is this crazy man talking about?”. 

Has all of the violence and devastation in the news completely desensitized everyone to a point of no return?


It could be that no one actually reads this blog anymore because I have done such a poor job keeping up with the new posts lately.


Or it could just be that those of you that did read the previous post know me and just figured it was some sort of crazy talk that was too silly to even respond too.

Most likely.

Massive attacks on peaceful individuals this morning.

This morning I have recieved word that there has been a mass killing of thousands. They were all peacefully gathered together, like they normally are, and out of nowhere the lone assassin attacked. This assassin has to be a professional because in just a matter of a few minutes the thousands were all cut down with precision. Apparently, reports are saying this isn’t the first time something like this has happened either. It seems that this assassin strikes about once every couple of months. What is the world coming to?

A better question is where did this attack happen and who is this professional assasin?

A phrase caught in my head

I don’t know why for sure, but I have had a phrase from a passage in the Bible stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now. Basically ever since we talked about it in church. I don’t know why but I really like the phrase. It seems so powerful but I can’t really put it into words as to why I feel that way, other than that I just do.

It is a line from Acts 4 that goes something like “You killed the author of life, but God brought him back to life. We are the proof of that”.

Again, I don’t know why for sure, but there is just something about the first section, about the author of life, that I really like. I guess I have never really thought of it in those terms, God as the great author.

Anyhow, I just thought I would share that with you all on this wet Friday night.

Start your day off right

This morning as I was finishing getting ready for work I recieved the ultimate suprise to start my day off right. A suprise that was so amazing that I could hardly contain my emotion. In fact, even now that suprise is still holding strong and it is now bedtime. I just hope it is still going strong tomorrow morning.

What is this great suprise that jump started my day?

That suprise was none other than to find a part of our roof leaking through the ceiling onto a book case. Upon further inspection by Omega, it was discovered that some of the items on the bookshelf appear to have been ruined. That is terrific.

Plus it has continued to rain all day long so it keeps on dripping.  Quick sidenote. I just saw a very good commercial for ETrade. I thought it was a new show promo or something. The theme was asking if you are getting robbed by your own bank, then head to eTrade where they will take care of you. You would have to see it to get the humor, but it was pretty funny.

Anyhow, Omega was kind enough to make the call to our landlord this morning. They said they would call the other landlord and figure out what they are going to do and then call her back. Well, as of bed time, 10 pm, we still have yet to hear back from them. So we have absolutely no idea what they are going to do about it or when it is going to be repaired.

It wasn’t quite the traditional bowl of oatmeal or your wheaties to start your day, but almost as good…..or something like that. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part of it all. Apparently all the rain we recieved during the day today was not enough and it is supposed to seem like hardly a drizzle compared to what is still coming overnight tonight and into tomorrow. Pray for a storm detour around the northland for now, otherwise Omega and I may end up having our very own swimming pool in what used to be our humble little library.