Crappity McCrappers

In case you haven’t heard yet, my luck with cars struck again today. While heading back to work from my lunch break I was going through one of Hibbings famous uncontrolled intersections, 3rd Ave. West and 23rd street to be exact, and a young college kid came sliding through the intersection and smashed into my car. He hit me basically right between the front drivers tire and the headlight, taking out most of the front fender, the headlight and also the drivers side of the bumper cover. Of course because it was an uncontrolled intersection the officer that came to the scene deemed it to be a 50/50 responsibility, which in my opinion is not quite true.

Basically the kid was going too fast and when he saw me he jammed the breaks and proceeded to slide for about 1/3 of the block before finally smashing into me. Now I know you are going to say, if he saw you why didn’t you see him and stop….Well I would have gladly stopped, however as I stopped at the intersection and looked for cars I didn’t see anyone coming because of the huge snowbank that was blocking my view. So I slowly headed across and as I looked to the passenger side again to make sure no one was coming from that side I heard a small, quick beep of a horn and as I looked to my left I was able to watch as the mini-van proceeded to slam into the front of my car.

Anyhow, in a matter of seconds I wound up parked at the side of street checking out my car and what would amount to a nifty $2200 in damages, not to mention the $18 per month that my insurance will increase because of the accident…..

As I said to start it all…my luck is in full force…..Crappity McCrappers……


For the record

My wife is a rockstar in the kitchen.

She made us an extremely filling and tasty dinner of stuffed pork chops, rice and mixed vegetables. All I can say is, wow!

That totally rocked!

It was a good Sunday. Church this morning, a little grocery shopping this afternoon and then a good day of playoff football topped off with this great dinner and possibly a movie!

Hope you all had a great Sunday also!

Great lyrical lines

I wanted to share a little bit of a chorus of a song that I think is the ultimate in showing a reliance on a partner and at times how I feel my own wife has responded to me, in essence taking care of me through a few tough times I have gone through.

Here are the lyrics:

“Hear me
And if I close my mind in fear
Please pry it open
See me
And if my face becomes sincere
Hold me
And when I start to come undone
Stitch me together
See me
And when you see me strut
Remind me of what left this outlaw torn”

I don’t know why, but I really like those lyrics. Can you guess, without cheating and looking them up online, what band/artist sang this song?

Reading running rampant!

Got a couple of promising books to dive into within the last couple days.

As soon as I finish book number 2 from Neil Peart, drummer extraordinaire from the progressive rock band Rush, titled “Roadshow: A landscape in Drums” I will be diving into one the next in a fine stack of reading. I have absolutely enjoyed both of Neil Peart’s books, Roadshow and Traveling Music, as they have really been inspiring to me as a drummer. As an added side bonus it has really exposed me to a large mix of music that I didn’t previously know much about. I haven’t liked all of it but it makes it somewhat more interesting when you can gain a bit of insight into how a world famous professional drummer views the music.

The next titles on the list include a book written by the head of the human genome project, one of the worlds leading scientists, as he attempts to prove how science in fact helps prove the facts of the bible, rather than tear the bible apart. This is a title I am very interested in because over the last few years I have had more than a few thoughts about how science backs the bible and the bible back science, so I think this one will be pretty good. There are also two titles about world history, one called “Lies my teacher told me” and another called “Lies across America”. They are both written by a guy who is going to attempt to show how the textbooks that are pushed in schools today are so watered down, in some cases slightly twisting the story to make it more interesting  and other cases completely omitting the full story of what happened. I think these could both be very interesting reads.

Of course someplace in the midst of all of that I also need to get to the latest installment in the “Wheel of Time” Series by the amazing fantasy author, Robert Jordan.

I have a heavy reading schedule ahead and I couldn’t be any more thrilled! It is nice to know that I have no shortage of things to keep me busy on some of those cold winter days, if we ever get any that is!

Enough rambling for tonight though-I’ll talk to you all again soon, hopefully next time this massive cold I have will stop whipping my rear end so that I can feel like I have a little more focus and control over my own mind.

Recharging in the Dungeon

So after a long week of about 50 hours of work, I had one short day off to try to recover before jumping back into the rat race and doing it all over again.

That day off was ever too short, however there were a couple of things going on that may have helped me recharge a bit….in spite of the nasty cold that has settled in on me this morning.

Last night I got a call from my Attaboy bandmate, Than, asking me to come over to his place to lay down a drum track to a song that he and I had started to work on a couple of years ago. I decided that would be a good time so off I went to the famous, well not really famous to anyone other than those involved, “Dungeon” studio. The studio consists of Than hooking up some minor amounts of sound gear to his mac and recording directly into there. It’s nothing fancy mind you, but it gets the job done. The task at hand is getting our musical ideas down so we can continue to polish up the music we have created so that someday maybe we will try to do something with it.

So I headed over and spent a couple hours finishing a my part for the song and then today went over to work on another old song of his to see if we could give it some new life, although it was pretty much good to go how it was before. If nothing else it was a good excuse to play and get a little more practice recording to a click track, which takes some getting used to when you are used to being the one dictating the tempo. Overall though I don’t feel too bad about how things went there. A few minor hiccups along the way, but nothing a retake or two wouldn’t clean up.

Playing music always help me feel a little more energized, especially when it is not simply learning other peoples’ music.

The other little side note is more on the thinking side and I can’t help but feel I may have stumbled upon a simple yet important lesson in life. All too often when something bad happens in life you will hear people start to question and call out God saying things such as “How could God let this happen to me?” or “I can’t believe that if there was a God he would let something like this happen.”, maybe even the simple phrase of “God, why are you putting me through this?”.  So over the last few days I have been thoroughly enjoying reading a Daily Devotion Book for Men that I got for Christmas and suddenly the answer to those questions seemed to become clear to me, even though it was right there in the Bible for all to see. In the book they were quoting passages from the book of Isiah which were relating to how God helps up find Him again when we start to stray. To sum it up there were a few passages over the last few days that basically show that when we start to stray from God and become like tarnished silver, he cleanse us and bring us closer by “melting down the silver and skimming the slag off the surface, so that we are once more pure, untarnished silver”. Simply put, when he puts us through those difficult times it is so that our faith in Him can become even stronger and we can shake free of the crap that has built up inside of us, no longer losing sight of our relationship with Him. It doesn’t happen automatically though, being closer to God after a rough spot in life. You would have to think of it more as an opportunity to be closer to God, to re-establish that relationship.

Essentially, those rough and difficult times in life are a warning that we are starting to stray from Him and are really a second chance to be closer with God.

I realize there are some situations where a person seems to live a very faithful life and bad things still happen, so maybe this doesn’t apply to every bad situation, but I know personally there have been some things over the last few years that have happened to me where I felt like a victim and couldn’t understand why all of these things were happening to me. I can look back now and see that they allowed me to build a stronger relationship with God and strengthen my Christian faith, if not gain a little wisdom along the way.

Take from it what you will, but it’s an idea that seems to make sense to me.

Happy New Year To All!

I hope you all have had a fantastic Holiday Season and now that the New Year, 2008, has arrived, I hope we all have a tremendous year!

The posts have been few and far between here in December and I know I have received a few comments on it. Hopefully January will be a little less hectic, at least on the personal life side of things, and I will have a greater opportunity to sit down and write some more. I have a few things to cover in a couple of posts, some things that have been requested of me, since I have been being so lazy with writing here lately. I hope to get to these things in the coming days.

Since my last post there has been so much happening. From awesome concerts to traveling to be with family, new babies being born to birthday parties and other family gatherings, even my band was in action and we all had to deal with the roads that have been often times very slick and treacherous due to all the snow we seem to keep getting.  It’s been busy and exhausting to say the least and now that the hectic times seem to be wrapping up personally, January is the busiest month of the year at work. We have our huge push in January to start the year off with a big bang and it is going to mean some long, busy days at the office. Seems things will stay busy after all.

In the midst of all of that I have been giving some thought to if I want to commit to a New Years Resolution or two. I typically don’t partake in that yearly ritual, but I have a few goals I would like to achieve and just have not decided how badly I want to reach them and when I want to start trying. A couple ideas for my “resolution” are making a commitment to practice music for at least 1 hour a day/3-4 days per week, eating dinner at home a minimum of 4 times per week, setting up an aggressive savings plan to get rid of existing debt as soon as possible, sitting down to write for at least a little while every single day, or even just continuing to get stricter with myself on following my weight loss plan that I had started back in December.

I have almost too many different options and I am not sure what I want to really focus on. Maybe I should get extra ambitious and just focus on all of them at once. Make this year a bit of a step in a new direction. As backwards as it sounds you could say I am changing things up to break the routines I am in now, by essentially creating new routines that are a little more refreshing. Maybe not so much as changing routines to create new ones, more of a refinement process of my current routines to get rid of wasted time and get more out of my free time.

Now when I say that, I don’t mean in terms of relationships between Omega and I, my family and I or any of my friends and I. When I am talking about breaking out of current routines I am talking about things like watching less TV so I can have more time to spend getting better with an instrument, be it drums, guitar or even my newest thought of teaching myself to play piano. I just wanted to make that clear because I can honestly say that I am extremely satisfied and happy with how all of my relationships are sitting right now and I wouldn’t change a thing in that department. In those regards I am a very, very blessed man to have such an amazing wife, wonderful family and a strong inner circle of friends that are very supportive no matter what I want to do.

Anyhow, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy and Amazing New Year!

Let’s all look forward to big things in 2008!

Ispiration Everywhere

This morning while I was getting ready for work, thinking about how much I didn’t feel like going into work today, I recieved an inspiring message from an unlikely source. It made me realize that no matter how un-inspired or motivated you may be feeling, you can find motivation or inspiration just about everywhere…..all you have to do is keep your eyes open for it and be willing to actually see it.

So my uplifting message for today is simple: If you are looking for a little motivation all you need to do is keep your eyes open so you see it and keep your mind and heart open to recieve it. Basically be willing to be inspired from any sources, no matter how strange the source may be.

Oh yeah, my morning inspiration today……it came from the little cap that imprints on the very top of my new stick of deodorant that I opened. You know the little plastic cap under the actual cap? It had the phrase”Embrace Challenge” etched into it, which in turn imprinted that phrase onto the very top of the new stick of deodorant.

I told you, inspiration is everywhere and can show itself from anywhere!

Keep the spirits up and have a great holiday season!