Reading running rampant!

Got a couple of promising books to dive into within the last couple days.

As soon as I finish book number 2 from Neil Peart, drummer extraordinaire from the progressive rock band Rush, titled “Roadshow: A landscape in Drums” I will be diving into one the next in a fine stack of reading. I have absolutely enjoyed both of Neil Peart’s books, Roadshow and Traveling Music, as they have really been inspiring to me as a drummer. As an added side bonus it has really exposed me to a large mix of music that I didn’t previously know much about. I haven’t liked all of it but it makes it somewhat more interesting when you can gain a bit of insight into how a world famous professional drummer views the music.

The next titles on the list include a book written by the head of the human genome project, one of the worlds leading scientists, as he attempts to prove how science in fact helps prove the facts of the bible, rather than tear the bible apart. This is a title I am very interested in because over the last few years I have had more than a few thoughts about how science backs the bible and the bible back science, so I think this one will be pretty good. There are also two titles about world history, one called “Lies my teacher told me” and another called “Lies across America”. They are both written by a guy who is going to attempt to show how the textbooks that are pushed in schools today are so watered down, in some cases slightly twisting the story to make it more interesting¬† and other cases completely omitting the full story of what happened. I think these could both be very interesting reads.

Of course someplace in the midst of all of that I also need to get to the latest installment in the “Wheel of Time” Series by the amazing fantasy author, Robert Jordan.

I have a heavy reading schedule ahead and I couldn’t be any more thrilled! It is nice to know that I have no shortage of things to keep me busy on some of those cold winter days, if we ever get any that is!

Enough rambling for tonight though-I’ll talk to you all again soon, hopefully next time this massive cold I have will stop whipping my rear end so that I can feel like I have a little more focus and control over my own mind.