Crappity McCrappers

In case you haven’t heard yet, my luck with cars struck again today. While heading back to work from my lunch break I was going through one of Hibbings famous uncontrolled intersections, 3rd Ave. West and 23rd street to be exact, and a young college kid came sliding through the intersection and smashed into my car. He hit me basically right between the front drivers tire and the headlight, taking out most of the front fender, the headlight and also the drivers side of the bumper cover. Of course because it was an uncontrolled intersection the officer that came to the scene deemed it to be a 50/50 responsibility, which in my opinion is not quite true.

Basically the kid was going too fast and when he saw me he jammed the breaks and proceeded to slide for about 1/3 of the block before finally smashing into me. Now I know you are going to say, if he saw you why didn’t you see him and stop….Well I would have gladly stopped, however as I stopped at the intersection and looked for cars I didn’t see anyone coming because of the huge snowbank that was blocking my view. So I slowly headed across and as I looked to the passenger side again to make sure no one was coming from that side I heard a small, quick beep of a horn and as I looked to my left I was able to watch as the mini-van proceeded to slam into the front of my car.

Anyhow, in a matter of seconds I wound up parked at the side of street checking out my car and what would amount to a nifty $2200 in damages, not to mention the $18 per month that my insurance will increase because of the accident…..

As I said to start it all…my luck is in full force…..Crappity McCrappers……


Can it be?

What is all this craziness happening today……

This can’t be happening…..

Snow, lot’s of it, by December 1st?

This is ridiculous….this can’t be happening….here in Northern Minnesota we never get snow until at least the middle of January.

Ha! Things are back to normal here and I am just hoping that this snow sticks around. First, because it would be unique to finally have a “white christmas” again. Second, because then none of us will have all the trouble with pipes bursting and septics freezing.

On a not so fun note however, my car is broken once again. This time it seems that the blower or fan or something died because I have no heat at all. Which, of course, is not the best thing to have happening when it has been averaging about 10 degree’s over the last week or so. I don’t know what it will take to fix it this time, but I just don’t know if I should keep putting this money into it. Especially since I am sitting at almost 190,000 miles on the old Daewoo. At the same time it is a real pain to have to think about purchasing a new vehicle.

Happy Thanksgiving

That’s right! It’s already turkey day!

In just a few short hours we will all be diving into a great meal, turkey and mashed potatoes and the whole 9 yards. We’ll be sitting around, visiting with family and for many we will be watching the all time hero of the Thanksgiving Holiday…….

John Madden.

He will no doubt be broadcasting one of the two games today, handing out his 900 legged turkey to the winning football team while he amazes the entire nation of football fans with his spot on announcing and brilliantly phrased statements of the obvious.

So to all of you out there who are getting ready for the feast, maybe a little football, and some good quality time with your families…..I wish you all a very, very special and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hunters Eve…

Well at least it is the eve of the upcoming deer season which opens up tomorrow morning at daylight.

I would think that something that is such a big event should have a proper “Eve” name of some sort attached to it. We have Christmas Eve and New Years Eve….so why not Big Buck Eve or Shooters Eve…..

Maybe more commonly it could be called….I Missed The Big One Eve….or maybe “Honestly, I was shooting at that big buck but this fawn must have stepped in front of it Eve”….or how about I didn’t even see a squirrel Eve.

No matter what you want to call it, tonight is the Eve of my favorite time of year, the much anticipated Northern Minnesota Whitetail Deer Season Opener.

I know, I know….I’ve talked a lot about that lately….and I will talk about it more as the season goes on. But what can I say other than that it is my blog so I can write what I want! haha

I made it through the week. At least the last couple days went by fairly quickly since I was on a pretty good selling streak at work, plus things were a bit hectic because my car was in the shop…..again….

For those of you that don’t know, I haven’t had my car for the whole month of October as there was a problem with the ignition switch or something. I just got that back on Monday of this week and when I went to go hang out with Dad, Caleb and Luke on Thursday evening it wouldn’t start again at first. So it went back into the shop today and I found out that on top of the ignition switch that went bad it needed a new battery…

Fun, fun…..

Oh well, it seems that all is well again with the old Daewoo and I am now all set for the season opener tomorrow morning.

Which means it’s off to bed for me…I always have trouble falling asleep on this night, but hopefully I am able to just sort of conk out with huge bucks dancing through my dreams.

 I’ll keep you updated on how the season goes.

Wish me luck!

Another one for the books

It seems that our states streak of having crummy weather on Halloween has held true for yet another year.

Even though it wasn’t like some of the memorable ones of the past, such as the Halloween Blizzard of 1991, it was again cold and miserable outside for all of those trick or treaters.

Today kind of had it all, chilly temps with frigid winds. Occasional bouts of sunshine. A lunchtime snow shower that lasted for about an hour here in Hibbing and of course some menacing and dramatic cloudy skies.

As I sat at work today, still counting the minutes till the deer season opener, I listened to customer after customer come in and exclaim how crummy the weather was or how awful it is that every year it seems like Halloween day brings nasty, cold and usually damp weather.

On the way home from work a thought occured to me…

Isn’t this type of weather perfect for a day such as Halloween? A day built around scary costumes and frustratingly annoying pranks. A day where the movie industry will cash in on a huge scale that is only reached a few times each year, both with new release horror movies such as Saw 4 and 30 Days of Night on the big screen as well as the mad rush of people trying to find a couple of their favorite horror movies at rental stores nation wide. This day is all about scary, creepy and miserable things. The one day a year where people have fun feeling at least a little bit of the shocking sensation of terror.

I think it is fitting that on a day built up to be the “scariest day of the year”, no not the day your taxes are due, I’m talking about “All Hallows Eve” (Halloween). It’s fitting that the weather responds accordingly to help set the mood for fright, terror and misery. Besides, no matter how cold and cranky the parents get, those little ghouls and goblins that are out trick or treating never seem to mind the poor weather conditions.

They have one thing on their mind, which is coming home with a big, fat bag of candy that they can proceed to feast on for the next few days/weeks/months, depending on how bountiful the loot was.

So I, for one, embrace the annual streak of having crazy, crummy weather on Halloween.

Do you?

*plus, now that Halloween is all but over, that means there are only 2 days left until the biggest half a month of the year!

To every season turn, turn, turn….

It seems that summer is quickly fading into another fall and today in Duluth was just gorgeous. I wish I would have brought my camera along to training this week. I have not been able to get outdoors and enjoy it at all yet today, but as I was sitting here doing a quick check of my bank statement I had a blast of re-invigoration hit me from the awesome fall day.

To sum it up briefly, I am sitting at the desk in my hotel room looking out the window at a clear blue sky that is framing the view as I look up the hill. Of course I have the window open so there is a nice cool breeze from outside streaming into the room and what should come floating in, piggy backing with the nice breeze…..? A couple of big blasts from the fog horns or whatever they are callled, on some sort of big ship out in the Big Lake, which is a mere 3 blocks away or so.

After a long day of training, it was a quick but effective event that allowed me to relax just a bit more and put the day behind me!

I am almost in the right frame of mind to go off in search of the most expensive dinner for one that I can find. Gotta love the expense account reimbursment for the job.

Have a nice evening and enjoy this awesome weather!

That hits the spot….

I know, I know…..

I haven’t upheld my promise yet to tell the story about the skunks, speedos and suprise swimming. I have been busy and just haven’t had much of a chance to write. I was hoping to get to that this past weekend, but with another stellar showing of Attaboy on both Friday and Saturday night in the Cook, MN area, I just never really got around to it. Well, it was a stellar showing except for the fact I was sick as all get out, a warm thank you goes out to my loving wife for being kind enough to share her cold with me ;). Oh, I can’t forget about my acrobatic drumming that took place on Saturday night either. Saturday was just a bizarre night.

 Anyhow, I will still get to those items. I just wanted to share a “that hits the spot moment” that I feel coming on shortly. It will really hit the spot since we were fortunate enough to enjoy some crisp fall-like weather today! This is my favorite time of year and I am pumped to feel the weather changing, even if that means old man winter is close behind.

As for what is going to hit the spot…..that will be either a Caramel High Rise or whatever the minty flavored hot drink is at Caribou Coffee!

So what hits the spot for you on a crisp fall day?