Crappity McCrappers

In case you haven’t heard yet, my luck with cars struck again today. While heading back to work from my lunch break I was going through one of Hibbings famous uncontrolled intersections, 3rd Ave. West and 23rd street to be exact, and a young college kid came sliding through the intersection and smashed into my car. He hit me basically right between the front drivers tire and the headlight, taking out most of the front fender, the headlight and also the drivers side of the bumper cover. Of course because it was an uncontrolled intersection the officer that came to the scene deemed it to be a 50/50 responsibility, which in my opinion is not quite true.

Basically the kid was going too fast and when he saw me he jammed the breaks and proceeded to slide for about 1/3 of the block before finally smashing into me. Now I know you are going to say, if he saw you why didn’t you see him and stop….Well I would have gladly stopped, however as I stopped at the intersection and looked for cars I didn’t see anyone coming because of the huge snowbank that was blocking my view. So I slowly headed across and as I looked to the passenger side again to make sure no one was coming from that side I heard a small, quick beep of a horn and as I looked to my left I was able to watch as the mini-van proceeded to slam into the front of my car.

Anyhow, in a matter of seconds I wound up parked at the side of street checking out my car and what would amount to a nifty $2200 in damages, not to mention the $18 per month that my insurance will increase because of the accident…..

As I said to start it all…my luck is in full force…..Crappity McCrappers……


2 thoughts on “Crappity McCrappers

  1. No kidding, huh!
    Well, I am just looking forward to getting all of this behind me and moving past on to better things.

    As for the healthy lunches…I will continue my quest to eating at home and not eating out all the time. So far this week I ate out once, more out of neccessity than out of laziness. We had about a half hour to eat and get to the movie so we just grabbed a quick dinner and then went to see “Charlie Wilsons War”. Not a bad movie.

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