Interesting Throwback

Last night I went and saw National Treasure 2.  The movie was fantastic, as expected. However the special treat was the very beginning.

After the standard three previews, in this case it was Leatherheads, Hancock, and Narnia 2, my fellow movie-goers and I were treated to a special, um…treat.

Being that Disney released this movie, they took it upon themselves to add in an opening act before the Feature Film started. Just like in the old days when they used to play a cartoon or newsreel before the start of the movie, we were treated to a cartoon of the Disney character Goofy as he starred in a short about “Setting up your Home Theatre”.

It was nothing special, or anything even that interesting. I just got a kick out of it because it was a throwback and because it was something new and unique that you just don’t see anymore. Plus, it was the first time I got to experience an actual pre-movie cartoon. They stopped showing those long before I ever started to watch movies in the theater.

 Anyhow-just thought I would share that with you!

Have a good weekend everyone.


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