Hunters Eve…

Well at least it is the eve of the upcoming deer season which opens up tomorrow morning at daylight.

I would think that something that is such a big event should have a proper “Eve” name of some sort attached to it. We have Christmas Eve and New Years Eve….so why not Big Buck Eve or Shooters Eve…..

Maybe more commonly it could be called….I Missed The Big One Eve….or maybe “Honestly, I was shooting at that big buck but this fawn must have stepped in front of it Eve”….or how about I didn’t even see a squirrel Eve.

No matter what you want to call it, tonight is the Eve of my favorite time of year, the much anticipated Northern Minnesota Whitetail Deer Season Opener.

I know, I know….I’ve talked a lot about that lately….and I will talk about it more as the season goes on. But what can I say other than that it is my blog so I can write what I want! haha

I made it through the week. At least the last couple days went by fairly quickly since I was on a pretty good selling streak at work, plus things were a bit hectic because my car was in the shop…..again….

For those of you that don’t know, I haven’t had my car for the whole month of October as there was a problem with the ignition switch or something. I just got that back on Monday of this week and when I went to go hang out with Dad, Caleb and Luke on Thursday evening it wouldn’t start again at first. So it went back into the shop today and I found out that on top of the ignition switch that went bad it needed a new battery…

Fun, fun…..

Oh well, it seems that all is well again with the old Daewoo and I am now all set for the season opener tomorrow morning.

Which means it’s off to bed for me…I always have trouble falling asleep on this night, but hopefully I am able to just sort of conk out with huge bucks dancing through my dreams.

 I’ll keep you updated on how the season goes.

Wish me luck!


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