Another one for the books

It seems that our states streak of having crummy weather on Halloween has held true for yet another year.

Even though it wasn’t like some of the memorable ones of the past, such as the Halloween Blizzard of 1991, it was again cold and miserable outside for all of those trick or treaters.

Today kind of had it all, chilly temps with frigid winds. Occasional bouts of sunshine. A lunchtime snow shower that lasted for about an hour here in Hibbing and of course some menacing and dramatic cloudy skies.

As I sat at work today, still counting the minutes till the deer season opener, I listened to customer after customer come in and exclaim how crummy the weather was or how awful it is that every year it seems like Halloween day brings nasty, cold and usually damp weather.

On the way home from work a thought occured to me…

Isn’t this type of weather perfect for a day such as Halloween? A day built around scary costumes and frustratingly annoying pranks. A day where the movie industry will cash in on a huge scale that is only reached a few times each year, both with new release horror movies such as Saw 4 and 30 Days of Night on the big screen as well as the mad rush of people trying to find a couple of their favorite horror movies at rental stores nation wide. This day is all about scary, creepy and miserable things. The one day a year where people have fun feeling at least a little bit of the shocking sensation of terror.

I think it is fitting that on a day built up to be the “scariest day of the year”, no not the day your taxes are due, I’m talking about “All Hallows Eve” (Halloween). It’s fitting that the weather responds accordingly to help set the mood for fright, terror and misery. Besides, no matter how cold and cranky the parents get, those little ghouls and goblins that are out trick or treating never seem to mind the poor weather conditions.

They have one thing on their mind, which is coming home with a big, fat bag of candy that they can proceed to feast on for the next few days/weeks/months, depending on how bountiful the loot was.

So I, for one, embrace the annual streak of having crazy, crummy weather on Halloween.

Do you?

*plus, now that Halloween is all but over, that means there are only 2 days left until the biggest half a month of the year!


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