The Longest Week

Starting tomorrow, well midnight tonight to be exact, the beginning of one of the longest weeks of the year.

The week before deer season.

It is of course a week that I will spend at work, watching the clock and counting the minutes, until Saturday morning when I will wake up at around 3:30 or 4:00 am and head out for the opening morning hunt. Sounds pathetic to those of you who don’t hunt, I know. But for those of you that do hunt, I’m sure that you can relate.

Of course, with the onset of the upcoming deer season that will mean that once again I will have the required season “box score”/updates of how the hunt is going.

As for now, I need to wrap this up and then get my tired self up to bed. It was a pretty exhausting weekend which included another dose of Attaboy. If you don’t know what Attaboy is head over to and check it out. It was a good time for all, as usual. Of course that also meant that I was up at around 8 or 9 am Saturday morning and didn’t even park my car outside of my house until about 3 in the morning. As I get a little older I find that my bedtime seems to want to creep earlier and earlier into the night.

Anyhow….as you can tell by that last bit of rambling from one subject to the next, I am tired.

Talk to you soon.


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