Start your day off right

This morning as I was finishing getting ready for work I recieved the ultimate suprise to start my day off right. A suprise that was so amazing that I could hardly contain my emotion. In fact, even now that suprise is still holding strong and it is now bedtime. I just hope it is still going strong tomorrow morning.

What is this great suprise that jump started my day?

That suprise was none other than to find a part of our roof leaking through the ceiling onto a book case. Upon further inspection by Omega, it was discovered that some of the items on the bookshelf appear to have been ruined. That is terrific.

Plus it has continued to rain all day long so it keeps on dripping.  Quick sidenote. I just saw a very good commercial for ETrade. I thought it was a new show promo or something. The theme was asking if you are getting robbed by your own bank, then head to eTrade where they will take care of you. You would have to see it to get the humor, but it was pretty funny.

Anyhow, Omega was kind enough to make the call to our landlord this morning. They said they would call the other landlord and figure out what they are going to do and then call her back. Well, as of bed time, 10 pm, we still have yet to hear back from them. So we have absolutely no idea what they are going to do about it or when it is going to be repaired.

It wasn’t quite the traditional bowl of oatmeal or your wheaties to start your day, but almost as good…..or something like that. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part of it all. Apparently all the rain we recieved during the day today was not enough and it is supposed to seem like hardly a drizzle compared to what is still coming overnight tonight and into tomorrow. Pray for a storm detour around the northland for now, otherwise Omega and I may end up having our very own swimming pool in what used to be our humble little library.


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