Mission Complete

It’s over. Finished. Done.

Last Thursday it became official. My long stretch of training, 8 weeks to be exact, to be a personal banker came to a close. Now it is time to get back to my bank and get ready to dig in. I have a little bit of shadowing to do, meaning I have to watch other bankers in my office work, and then it is time to kick off those training wheels and see how effective I can be as a banker. I feel pretty good about the process and the position. Of course there some areas where I feel a little shakier than others, but overall I feel like I can be effective for our customers.

With that in mind I am going to say that I will not really talk to much anymore about my training. I may have a few comments or stories to share in regards to some of my classmates or day to day happenings with interesting customers, such as the one that asked me if I needed mental help because I seemed a little mentally slow. That was a real confidence booster if I do say so myself.

Some non work related things to talk about. Well not much really, but I am sick of posting only about work so I am attempting to get back into the flow of writing regularly. The big thing is that deer season is only a few weeks away. To say that I can’t wait would be an absolute understatement. I told my Dad this morning that I had a dream about deer season and in that dream it was opening morning, I couldn’t hunt early but went out a little later and when I hit the woods there was about 2 or 3 feet of snow. I don’t know if I want to have that much snow, but hopefully that is a signal that maybe we will have a little bit of snow for the season. It makes it so much nicer to sit and easier to spot deer in thick underbrush cover. Although looking that the day out there today it is hard to imagine having snow within 3 weeks.

I picked up a couple of new books and cd’s over the course of my training, most recently a book that has an interesting take on religion. So far it has been pretty interesting. To set this up a little, over the last year or so as I have become closer to God and have really started building a strong Christian foundation for myself, I have started formulating a theory of sorts. There has always been a battle between science in religion, with each side saying that the other is completely off base and impossible. The biggest arguement here is probably the origins of the universe which is the famous “Big Bang theory vs. Creationism” battle. Science feels that the universe was basically created by some sort of large explosion in space while religion says that God created everything in just 7 days. As I continue to think and read through things I have started to come to the conclusion that both theories are correct to a point. Basically the science backs up the religion and vice versa. Essentially that I believe that God created everything and I believe strongly in faith in God, however the science doesn’t make religion null and void. Instead it backs up the religion. Think of it like this. If God is the “WHO” then science is the “HOW”.  God created everything and science is showing what it looked like when he did it, although it is important to note here that just because science is showing what it looked like doesn’t mean that science can reproduce what God did/does. Ok, so now that I have given you a very “out there” thought of mine I will get to the point. I bought a book by the Dr. Francis Collins. He is the head of the human genome project and one of the most prominent scientists in the world today. His book is called “The Language of God”. What he is attempting to do is show, with much greater detail and intelligence than I can, how science backs up all of religion. I am not very far into it, but so far it seems pretty interesting.

A couple of the other books I picked up were written by Neil Peart, drummer for the Canadian progressive rock band “RUSH”. As a drummer he is simply amazing. I didn’t know that he was a writer also and I stumbled across a couple of books he has written about life on the road, his musical influences, journeys he has taken and so on. I have read about the first 3rd of the one book and it is very interesting to read. I think the one thing that is interesting is when he talks about music that he is listening to and how he interprets some of the same music that I listen to. There was one spot early on where he was talking about driving on this road trip he is taking and how he was just cruising along, listening to music and drumming along on the steering wheel. I couldn’t help but wonder what it sounds/looks like to see a drummer as good as he is just tapping along to music on the steering wheel or a table or whatever. Sort of like trying to picture someone like Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen playing air guitar along with some music.

As for the cd’s I picked up….well they were mostly jazz cd’s with the exception of “The Who’s Greatest Hits”.

Anyhow, I think I am going to stop writing here for now and start watching some college football. Right now I have the Minnesota Gophers on and they are losing 7-0 already. Oh well, there is also a Michigan game and Ohio State game on at the moment so I have something else to flip to if the Gophers start getting blown out.

Have a good weekend.


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