Almost done

Seven weeks in a hotel. Small classroom with 17 other new bankers. Some crazy happenings, from drunken class mates to naked people in the hotel pool.

This last week has been a big change as I have spent the whole week at home working out of my normal office. Best of all I have been able to come home to my wife each night after work instead of having to go back to a tiny little hotel room.

That means that the long lasting training is finally almost to an end. To be clear, I have exactly 3 days of training left next week and then it is time to rock and roll in the new position.

Not that it is going to be a walk in the park either. Facing 2 of the existing bankers that have both made it clear in thier own ways that I am not wanted and even just the overall adjustment to the banking world in general. But I am up for the challenge.

I realize this isn’t much of a post, but I haven’t put much up lately. I have been meaning to post all week but I am just enjoying spending time with Omega, relaxing at home, catching a movie or two, or simply doing what we are right now. Chillin on the couch watching a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on this fall evening.

It’s nice to be home, very, very nice to be home.


2 thoughts on “Almost done

  1. What are you talking about, 2 bankers that don’t want you there? Email or call me or something and tell me about it. Or I’ll be up this next weekend (13th) with Nik so you can tell me then.

  2. Ok, I will try to remember to give you a call or something. Basically there are 2 bankers that have been there forever that are not happy that a new banker is coming into the mix. They think that there won’t be enough business to go around….blah blah blah….they’ll have to get used to it.

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