To every season turn, turn, turn….

It seems that summer is quickly fading into another fall and today in Duluth was just gorgeous. I wish I would have brought my camera along to training this week. I have not been able to get outdoors and enjoy it at all yet today, but as I was sitting here doing a quick check of my bank statement I had a blast of re-invigoration hit me from the awesome fall day.

To sum it up briefly, I am sitting at the desk in my hotel room looking out the window at a clear blue sky that is framing the view as I look up the hill. Of course I have the window open so there is a nice cool breeze from outside streaming into the room and what should come floating in, piggy backing with the nice breeze…..? A couple of big blasts from the fog horns or whatever they are callled, on some sort of big ship out in the Big Lake, which is a mere 3 blocks away or so.

After a long day of training, it was a quick but effective event that allowed me to relax just a bit more and put the day behind me!

I am almost in the right frame of mind to go off in search of the most expensive dinner for one that I can find. Gotta love the expense account reimbursment for the job.

Have a nice evening and enjoy this awesome weather!


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