Skunks, speedos and suprise swimmers abound

I won’t get into all the details right now, but so far this week down in Duluth has been filled with craziness. In fact it’s a craziness that I could have done without. Although it does give me a little something more to write about now.

I will leave you to try and figure out what some of the stories behind the title are and I will leave you with a sort of fun/crummy event that has happened.

Last night, Tuesday, when I arrived in Duluth I decided to do a little shopping to see if I could find some new dress shirts for work. Lets just say that I only found one shirt I liked so I bought it. I also bought 3 new pairs of dress pants and 2 new belts. I am pretty pumped because I like all of the clothes a lot, but I still am cringing when I think about how much money I spent.

Although to steal a totally sexist comment that is just being stereo-typical of women, which for the record I do not actually agree with….totally…

I got it all on sale and saved a good chunk of money.


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