My Apologies….

I want to apologize for not writing very much lately.

I had some grand ideas that while I was in training I would have all of this free time in the evenings to just write all evening. I have done some writing, none of which is intended for this site. Call it a little practice in writing some fiction, capturing some ideas, etc…

It seems that I was off in my assumptions about having so much time to write. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my evenings free. It is just that since I am sitting in a classroom all day long, when I get off of work for the day I have been spending more time outside of my hotel room. That includes at least 3 trips a week to my favorite store, Barnes and Noble.

Speaking of Barnes and Noble, last week while I was down there I glanced through this book that I thought looked very interesting. It is called “Imponderables”. Well, I had mentioned it to Omega and then she went and bought it for me when she came down and suprised me with a mid week visit! That was so awesome of her and I absolutely never saw it coming. In fact, just minutes before she was pulling in to the hotel I had been trying to call her and was starting to get a little mad and a lot worried because she hadn’t called yet after work and it was about a half hour after she was supposed to get off.

It was a great suprise!

Anyhow, back to “Imponderables”. It is basically a collection of wierd information that attempts to answer some of lifes biggest mysteries. Such as why do priests wear black, was there an actual “Dr. Pepper” and many other fun questions. I think this will be a lot of fun to share some of these with you here, so keep an eye out for some of those. For the record I am not going to just retype the book here. I will basically state the question and then do my best to summarize the answer, as some of the topics are more than a few pages long. I am also hoping that some of these will generate some discussion and ideas as to some more ideas for my little “Research Project” feature. I do still have the information that was suggested before and the next installment there will be in response to April’s question about the history of Vaseline.

As for right now though, it is bed time. I have to be up early tomorrow and work at the bank and then I will take off tomorrow afternoon for Duluth and another week of training. This week should go by pretty quickly though and I will have company on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Omega is going to come down and stay with me Wednesday to Thursday, coming home later in the evening Thursday night. It is her birthday on Thursday so it will be nice to have her down there with me!

Although, if you can all keep a secret, I still have no idea what I am going to get her for her birthday……I better get that figured out! But don’t tell her that I told you that, alright?….;)

If I get a chance I will give a little recap of a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend and what has been happening in regards to my training. Again I do apologize that I have been a little lax here on the site, but I promise that once training is finished it will get back to normal, if not better than normal!

Talk to you soon and hang in there with me for just a bit longer! Have a great week!


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