For many of you this won’t mean anything, but to myself and all the members of our terrific hunting party this is truly a sad day.

This past Wednesday my Dad called me up in the afternoon while I was at work and told me he had some bad news on the hunting front. He said he noticed a new road being punched into the woods, basically right where we hunt. Our family has hunted here for many years and had a whole lot of success, with many deer being harvested over the years. I myself have taken just 3, two bucks and a small, small doe that I would rather not talk about! haha

Anyhow, after Dad called I made a trip out to meet him so we could pull a few stands we had left in there since last year and make sure that they didn’t get stolen by the logging people, if they hadn’t already. That evening Dad, my uncle Mike and his son Marshall and I went in to get the stands out and to see how bad it looked like this would be. At that time they had basically just pushed the road in, but that was bad enough. The road ran right between the two stands we had in there currently, as well as right to the base of the old monarch stand we have had in there for years. In fact, this past deer season was the first time since I can remember that we didn’t use that big old spruce tree, opting instead to put in two seperate stands that were situated a little better. It seemed to work and as you may remember from my posts last deer season I was able to harvest two deer out of my new stand.

Fast forward to this evening now. I was out doing a little scouting of another area we hunt in and decided I was going to stop in to see if I could get an idea of how much and where exactly the were going to be cutting. Let’s just say it doesn’t look good for the home team right now. They don’t appear to be anywhere near finished cutting and already it is totally different. My only hope is that they keep cutting where they are now and then block that road off when they are finished so that we don’t have everybody and his brother in there during deer season. That is how it goes around here unfortunately. A new slashing is cut, a big road leads right to it and some bozo thinks they are going to make it their hunting ground, and I use that term loosely since often times their version of hunting is driving their truck right into the middle of the slashing and sitting there waiting for something to walk out.

After looking around a bit tonight I think that if they keep cutting where they are now, which is basically right behind where I had my stand last year between the beaver ponds and the highway, then block the road off we may be alright in there this deer season. I guess we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of how it sits right now.  !CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW FOR THE FULL PICTURES!

This is the area basically right behind my stand, between the beaver ponds and the highway. The woodline in the distant right is where our usual trail would lead up to the pines just before you got to the big spruce tree.

Behind my stand

Sadly this is all that remains of the Old Spruce Tree stand. That stand was kind of a legend in it’s own right….at least to me.

Old Spruce Tree

One more shot of the Old Spruce Tree. Here is that one, lone tree step that we used to get us up into the branches so we could begin that long climb up to the lofty heights, hidden from site amidst the thick cover of spruce branches bigger than your wrist.

Tree Step in the Old Spruce Tree

It’s a sad day for sure, but I am hoping for the best.


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