Final answer

As many of you know I have recently been going through a massive process of many different interviews with a handful of companies. Late this afternoon that process came to a close. Let me take things back to last friday for a moment.

It was a little after lunch time Friday afternoon and I recieved a call from Unicel to give me an update on the interview process. They said that I was still very much in the running, but due to some company rearranging they needed me to hold on for another face to face interview which would happen sometime in the next two weeks. They asked if that was going to work for me and I said that I didn’t know for sure because I had interviewed for another position and that I didn’t know how soon they would contact me to let me know if they were going to make an offer. So the hiring manager just told me to stay in touch and let him know if I recieved another offer and he would see what he could do to speed the process up some in the meantime. As luck would have it I recieved a call from Wells Fargo within 2 hours of my conversation with the Unicel hiring manager, and Wells Fargo made a pretty solid offer. They wanted me to think about it over the weekend, stop by Monday morning and fill out a background check form and then let them know my decision by the end of the day on Monday.

Fast forward back to today now. I stopped by Wells Fargo in the morning and filled out the required paperwork and spoke very briefly over the phone with the branch manager and set up a phone call later in the afternoon. Things seemed simple, Wells Fargo and the world of banking it was going to be. So I went and ate lunch after getting nothing real significant accomplished in the first half of my day at the Radio Station, other than to give the Unicel hiring manager a call and leaving him a message to inform him of the situation. After lunch however, I recieved a call from Unicel asking if I could hold off on making a decision on the Wells Fargo offer until tomorrow morning and he was going to think things over tonight and let me know between 8am and 9am tomorrow morning what, if anything, they were willing to offer me.

Right about then is when the stress began, as I started to toss both job opportunities back and forth in my mind. Mentally weighing the pro’s and con’s of each position and really getting nowhere. I was struggling greatly to follow the advice of my good friend and co-worker, FJ, which was not to stress about it yet because I there really wasn’t anything to stress over until the second offer was made tomorrow morning. Good advice, but I was failing miserably¬† at following it. After talking things over with FJ for a little while as well as a couple discussions with one of my 3 trusted advisors, my Mom, I was loosing the battle to not stress about which one I would choose if I ended up getting offered both.

Finally, I had enough. I pulled into the mall in Grand Rapids and told myself I was going to run to the restroom and then walk around the mall for a few minutes to get my mind off of things. It helped and as a side bonus I bought a book I had been wanting and it was a nice 40% off the normal price. So I headed back out to the car after my little break at the mall and just as I sat down in the car my cell started to ring…

It was Unicel. I answered the call, mind racing as I played out possible scenarios of how this call may go. It was a somewhat upset hiring manager from Unicel. At first I thought the edginess in his voice was because I had forced his hand a bit. Although that was indeed the case, it wasn’t frustration at me but frustration that he took so long to get through the interview process because he felt that he was missing out on a really good candidate for the position. Even though logically, if they thought I was such a good candidate he should have just made me an offer. Of course there were some internal factors at Unicel that prevented that from happening. Anyhow, my stressing proved to be over nothing as my decision was once again made clear. Unicel told me that there was no way he could make the decision by tomorrow morning and they he understood if I decided to accept the other offer that had been made to me. Of course he was sure to add that if I find out within a week or so that the other position wasn’t going to work out that I should call him and let him know. Again, if they wanted me that bad they should have just made an offer…oh well, they missed out.

So as of about 4:30pm this afternoon I officially accepted the offer from Wells Fargo and pending the results of my background check I will begin training in for my new position as a Personal Banker on Aug. 13th. Of course there should be nothing on the background check since I have never even had so much as a speeding ticket(and yes, I know that when someone drives as slow as I do all the time it would be impossible to get a speeding ticket), so I am considering this a done deal.

Wells Fargo seems excited to have me on board and I am excited to begin a new phase in my career. I’ll keep you posted on what happens with the background check!

The biggest benefit of this career move…..I will go from driving around 100-120 miles per day down to maybe 4 or 5 miles per day. That’s a savings of somewhere in the ballpark of $500 per month in gas alone.


One thought on “Final answer

  1. Congrats honey…I am looking forward to having you closer to home….at least when you are done with your training that is!

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