Rambling thoughts today

So I was sitting at work and had a few minutes to myself so I decided to post up a little thing I had written a week or so back while at work. I don’t know if you will find it interesting but I have decided that I am going to start sharing some of the things I write, either in the past or anything I may write in the future. I won’t share it all, but now and then I may share some just to keep things from getting into a routine here on the site. Anyhow, here is what I wrote the other day:

Getting started is the hardest part. Time spent thinking about it, building up the motivation needed to take that first step. Too many times thoughts and ambitions drive towards the silver dawn that comes with the arrival of tomorrow. But what do you do when tomorrow becomes today and today is now yesterday? How often will you realize that you missed an opportunity that now becomes regret? Does that mean we should act on every opportunity or impulse that comes at us, so that we never miss out on anything? By taking that approach do we not also lose the ability to have any goals, any stability? If we act on every whim will be simply be darting off in different directions from one minute to the next with no eye on the big picture? You can’t let fear of failure stop you from trying to achieve your goals, but you can’t just jump head first into every impulse either. There needs to be a moderation of sorts. Is there some kind of system you can use to establish some ground rules on what impulses and whims you should pursue and which ones should remain nothing more than a dream or idea? Could such a system help you achieve your goals, keeping your eye on the prize….it probably could. However, since you have this system in place will you not still have missed opportunities and moments of regret thinking of what would/could have happened if you would have just acted on an idea that didn’t fit with the big picture? In a way this system would be counter productive because you will be forced to censor yourself. Your thoughts, your ideas, even the core of you, which leaves us where this all started. Is it possible to end each day having no regrets over missed opportunities? I believe that it is. I believe there is a system or process in which you do not have to worry about missing opportunities. I believe it is possible to be able to look at every day and think to yourself that everything is just as it should be. It is called faith and you can only recieve that through God.

God guides our choices, desires and dreams if we have faith in him. It is a two way street of course. He will give us what we need, but only if we have complete faith in Him. Only through God can we achieve what he has planned for us, no matter how great or small that may be.

So after going back and reading this today before I posted it I got to thinking about something a good friend of mine told me in a recent discussion. He said that “God only helps those that help themselves.” When he said that I was unsure how to react. A part of me felt that was true, yet a part of me feels like he will help everyone who invites Him into their hearts. I have rolled that comment over and over in my head for a few weeks now and only today did something finally click for me. Oddly enough the answer came from a movie that Omega and I had seen recently, “Evan Almighty”. In the movie there is a scene where the character playing God is talking to Evan’s wife. She doesn’t know it is God of course, but she is talking to this man and wondering why God would put their family through all of this. Why is he so cruel to make her husband some whacko and let him believe that there is really this big flood coming. Especially after her and their children had been praying for God to bring the family closer together. God replied back to her by asking her how she thought prayer and God worked. He asked; If a man prays for patience, will God just snap his fingers and the man will suddenly be patient or will God give the man an opportunity to be patient ? If a man needs courage does God snap his fingers and suddenly the man has all the courage he could ever want or would he give the man an opportunity to have courage. If a woman prays for her family to be closer will the whole family have those warm fuzzy feelings in an instant or would the family have an opportunity to grow closer.  I really liked that concept and I think that it carries some truth, which is suprising coming from a big blockbuster movie. I don’t think that God just gives you everything you want at the snap of his fingers. I think that he does give you an opportunity to grow and learn those skills you may be praying for. Basically making you realize that if you have faith in Him and work hard on that faith, He will take care of you.  Although I still feel that God will embrace anyone that embraces Him, I think I now understand the comment my good friend made about God helping those that help themselves.

It is very difficult and we all struggle with it, but we have to just realize that what God has planned for us may not be what we want. A brand new Plasma TV may be something that we want and think we need, but material things like that probably don’t have any real place in God’s plan for us. It may be that he allows us some luxuries like that as a by product of us following the opportunities he lays out for us.

Living with no regrets is possible, we all still have a few I’m sure. What I have found though is that as I have gotten older the things I wondered about, all of those what if regrets have disappeared and I have seen that things happened the way they did so that I could be where I am at now. A great marriage, great family and a loving wife. If I would have chosen differently when I was younger I never would have met my wife. When I look back it is strange because there were so many things that happened where if I would have chosen differently even once I never would have met my awesome wife. I had opportunities with playing football, playing music, even attending a different college. It kind of blows my mind when I think about it. But the regrets or what if thoughts I used to have about football, playing in a professional band and all of that, those thoughts are gone because I realize that I was guided by something greater than my decisions. I was guided by my faith in God.

Only through God can you live with no regrets.  


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