Old Writings

Last night I was thumbing through an old notebook from a couple years ago and stumbled across some poetry that I had written. Maybe I should say a “weak attempt at poetry” to be more accurate. I thought I would post it up here for you all to laugh at and make fun of me for! hehe

Here is the poem:

A Day


The day has now ended
just like the last
Soon tomorrow will come
and then fade to the past

The life of a day
doesn’t seem very long
Many hundreds pass by
as our lives march along

A day may be short
passing every so quick
But Think hard for a moment
to let this all stick

Think of your day
the alarm clocks’ ring
Your warm fuzzy blanket
is a wonderful thing

Once you get up
and crawl out of bed
You see the sun shining
melting snow off the shed

You look to the meadow
with it’s blanket of snow
It waits for the spring time
so green it will grow

Your mind wanders freely
from season to season
Each comes and it goes
with no apparent reason

Spring brings the beginning
grass grows new at last
That warm snow blanket
is gone oh so fast

Flowers start blooming
Trees bring forth thier leaves
Yet soon spring is gone
for that no one grieves

The summer sets in
and is gone just as fast
As the temperature drops
we know summer has passed

Fall comes and goes
soon winter is here
then the cycle starts over
year after year

These wonderful thoughts
joyous are they
Took only a minute
from your wonderful day

A day can be long
at times you can’t take it
But a day’s just a day
it is what you make it

Enjoy all your days
like a sweet bowl of ice cream
Live with the passion
of your minute long daydream.


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