Looking back again

Here is another old poem I found in the “archives”. 

Here is the poem:

The Treasure Hunt


Walking that path
that starts at my home
I traveled on eagerly
and started alone

Many wonders ahead
just as many behind
That small little thicket
filled with sunshine

I searched for a treasure
I searched far and wide
Not knowing the treasure
to easily abide

A treasure can be
a wonderous thing
Maybe some diamonds
or a big shiny ring

I had no idea
what this treasure would be
Just watching and waiting
To see what I see

Then one day I found it
Well, I think it found me
This treasure was not
what I expected to see

This was not the diamond
or the big shiny ring
It was better for sure
than any of those things

This treasure was the greatest
of all to be had
It fills me with joy
and my heart is so glad

The treasure came on
as a gust of wind blew
I couldn’t be happier
that the treasure was you

My adventure has ended
I’m no longer alone
But a new story starts
on our journey home

This story, I hope
lasts forever and ever
Because I love you each day
and hope we’re always together.

At the risk of sounding corny, this one I wrote with my wife in mind. Although at the time I wrote it we were still 1 to 2 years from even being engaged. I don’t think I have ever shown her this either so this will be a bit of a suprise from me to her as well. I suppose you could say that even though I wrote this long ago, this is my gift to my wife for the amazing song she wrote for me for our wedding. That was the best suprise I have ever recieved and I hope you like this just as much honey. Love you!

Ok, enough of the sappy, lovey dovey talk! haha

I will post up some more of my old writings as I re-discover them, as well as some new writings I discover hidden in my brain along the way. Hopefully you enjoy them at least a little, but if not I suppose at the very least I am getting some chuckles and laughter at my own expense as you all see how much this guy can’t write poetry!

You can laugh, it’s ok….I can take it! But it doesn’t mean I will stop sharing it here either! hehe


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