Feels new again

As you know, this last weekend was our First Anniversary as a married couple. I am so happy my wife puts up with my wierdness and loves me no matter what! She is the best thing that has ever happened in my life, 100%!

Anyhow, for our Anniversary I bought her a gift. A split, queen sized box spring for our bed. (yeah I know…start inserting the worn out bed because we are newlyweds jokes here.) To give you a little backstory on this. Last winter we moved out of our apartment and into a house we are renting. We had originally wanted to put our bedroom upstairs and then have a room for Omega’s scrapbooking downstairs. As luck would have it, our standard queen size box spring would not fit up the stairs of the new house. It is an old style house and they didn’t really plan things like this out very well back then I guess. So we had to make our bedroom downstairs in what was going to be her scrapbooking room. This wasn’t a great thing, but we made it work. The downstairs bedroom works great as a craft/scrapbooking room, but as a bedroom it was a bit like sleeping inside of a box. Our bed managed to eat up the majority of the space with a small walkway just big enough to open and close a door on one side and a tiny opening on the other side that you couldn’t even walk in. That meant that every morning when Omega woke up, she would have to crawl across the bottom of the bed to get out.

Of course in the meantime we put her scrapbooking room upstairs and I turned what was going to be our bedroom into my music room for my drumsets and guitars.

Ok, fast forward a bit. We had been talking recently about getting a split box spring so that we could move our room upstairs and get away from sleeping in our little box. We did some shopping around and found out it was going to cost us anywhere from $220 to $250, so we decided that we would just start saving up a little here and there and hopefully have enough saved in a couple months to buy the set.

That was the plan.

Until I started thinking about how cool it would be to suprise her with the box spring as an anniversary present. I originally was thinking that it would be really cool to buy them and then switch rooms and all of that before she got home from work some night this week. Then she could walk in the house and be suprised when she noticed that our bedroom was not there any more, but upstairs instead. After some careful thought and planning this out I realized that I was not up to that task, especially by myself. My back just isn’t up to par yet and all of that moving on my own would have probably blown it out big time.

So I started thinking of how to do this and suprise her with it, of course without her catching on ahead of time. The answer came to me just as I lay down to bed on Friday night and the rough plans started to form. It would happen on Saturday morning, but I would need a little help.

So Saturday morning arrives and I get up, shower and get ready for the day. Now on Saturday’s I have a little routine because Omega used to work every other week. That meant that I had the better part of the day and afternoon free, which usually meant I was heading out to take pictures. So I normally would wake up early, get ready to go and stop by Taco Johns for a breakfast taco before I hit the road in search of that next great image. Weekends when Omega is home I still get up early and get ready, go grab a breakfast taco and then head back home. By the time I get home she is usually awake and has already finished getting ready to tackle the day. So saturday morning came and I got up, got ready to go and headed to get my breakfast taco. On the way there I called my Mom and worked out some plans with her in case I needed to have her come in with the Durango to help me deliver the box spring to our house. I didn’t want to have to pay big delivery fees at the furniture stores. So I ate my breakfast then called Slumberland in Hibbing. They had the lowest price on the box spring when we checked earlier in the week. Of course now that I wanted to buy it they had none in stock. They could order a set and they would be there sometime in the next two weeks, woo hoo….that didn’t help the plan. So I went to plan B. I called up one of my clients, Anderson’s Furniture and Appliances in Hibbing. They also had a set of the box springs when we were shopping around, but instead of being $220 they wanted $249.  I decided to go ahead and buy from them, even though it was an extra $30. Heck, maybe they will buy the plan I am pitching to them later today, haha!

So I went and paid for the set and then set the plans in motion for Mom to come pick them up and bring them to our house, all under the ruse that she was just dropping off our mail. Of course doing all this took a little time, so Omega was more than a little irritated when I called to tell her I was on my way back home after being gone for a little more than an hour. That was ok, though, because if she was mad at me for putzing around town, she wasn’t suspecting the suprise.

Needless to say, she was very suprised at my gift to her and very happy. Although that meant that Saturday afternoon and evening would be spent moving the house around. That was a lot of work and I know she did way more than I did. I felt so stupid a few times when we would be carrying something and she would lift it up with ease while I struggled because of my weak back. But we managed and got everything in its correct place, plus we did it all in time to go out and grab a snack and then see a movie at 9:25! Not to shabby in my opinion.

So now that we moved the scrapbooking room downstairs, the bedroom up into what used to be my music room and my drums and guitars are spread out between the second room upstairs and the basement, it feels like a brand new house. The routines are still getting figured out. For example getting used to having to go downstairs to shower in the morning instead of simply standing up out of bed and taking 5 steps into the bathroom.

I’m trying to figure out where I am going to set up my drums again. I tore down my good set and packed it all away and will use my older set if I set them back up. It will probably be in the basement, although I really feel like I could just leave them stored away for now also. I have too much other stuff going on and I just haven’t been able to focus on my drumming much lately.

But I better get back to work here.

I figured I would just tell you that the house feels brand new again!


One thought on “Feels new again

  1. Yes, it does feel new again. Thanks honey for the wonderful gift. I absolutely love being upstairs and having all that open space!!!

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