I’m glad it’s saturday….

This last week at work has been very rough for me. I think it’s mainly because it’s been so hot in our house at night that I haven’t really been sleeping well, so the workday dragged by.

It cooled down a little last night so I think I slept a little more than I have been, however I still feel just exhausted. But I still was out of bed by 8:30 am. I must be getting old or something because I am starting to hate sleeping in really late. I feel like I am wasting precious daylight.

Not that I have anything major going on today. In fact I am heading out right now to my parents so I can care for the dog and then I plan on taking pictures somewhere until about noon. At noon I am supposed to be getting together with Than so we can put in a little work on our new project, as of yet untitled/unnamed, since the crazy man has apparently booked us a gig. We have yet to solidify the other two members, which means that in essence there is just Than and I in this little project.

Anyhow….I am off for my final Tour of Duty on Operation Sumo.

Have a great weekend.


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