A first in a long time…

This evening after heading to Virginia and picking up a new pair of New Balance cross trainers and eating dinner with Omega, I stopped in to Blockbuster Video to check out the current supply of used X-Box games. I was looking for a few in particular, of which they had none of course. But while looking for the other games on my list of want to play someday games, I stumbled across a game that I have debated buying ever since it came out. I always talked myself out of it because I thought it was still priced too high. The game is “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance”. Basically it lets you create a team of your 4 favorite Marvel Comics Superheroes and smash your way through a pretty solid story.

Of course for those of you that know me, this purchase won’t suprise you since it is pretty well documented that I am a huge Marvel Comics fan, Spiderman in particular, and of course I get to play as the web-slinger whenever I want now!

Anyhow, I couldn’t pass it up as it was almost 50% off the normal price. That is a pretty good savings and even though I wasn’t looking for that game this evening, I just happened to stumble across it at the right time I guess.

In the little bit I have played of it tonight it is a lot of fun. Pretty linear so far, which is to be expected, but overall it is lots of fun to be able to beat down the bad guys with a customized, legendary team of my favorite Marvel Superheroes!


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