A normal life

I am not going to complain, because I said I wouldn’t. All I will say is that my day at work seemed to drag on and on, but that is normal for someone about to go on vacation.

Work was work, so on to the rest of my day, this evening.

I got home only about a half hour before Omega and since it had not rained since earlier in the day I decided that I should mow the lawn once more before it continues to rain all week. If I didn’t get it done today it wouldn’t be mowed again until after June 5th sometime, so I figured I better get to it. While I was finishing the mowing and trimming in the jungle in the backyard where the mower can’t get to, Omega cooked us a very tasty dinner. Of course the grill was involved, tonight for some boneless pork chops! Along with that she made a broccoli cheddar pasta and some awesome garlic breadsticks. Sounds sort of scattered and like it may not match up well, but let me tell you…it was fantastic!

Yes, you read that right, we actually ate at home tonight! haha

After we finished eating dinner and watching a little bit of TV, we went out for ice cream. Omega was hungry for her new favorite, the Waffle Bowl and I still had a hankering for my pecan mudslide and a milk, so off to Dairy Queen we went. I have to say that the DQ tasted awesome as usual, but I think we both agreed that it made us way too full!

Anyhow, after our little ice cream treat we went for a little drive just outside of town. I was hoping to see some wildlife, mainly deer, just before dark on some of the side roads and fields around Hibbing. It turns out we were in luck tonight as we saw a total of 4 deer and also 3 ducks that were just waddling around on the road with not a care in the world. For some reason when I am just sort of puttering around town I really like seeing wildlife. I like to just sit and watch the behavior and see how they react to the car and all of that. Often times when I see deer around or near town here, they don’t even pay much attention to me because they are more used to lots of cars driving around. I guess that is the “city deer” for ya!

While we were out on our little wildlife safari tonight it suddenly occured to me that we just had one of those typical american or at least northern minnesotan evenings. You get home from work, get some chores done, eat dinner, relax for a little bit then get some ice cream and take a little drive. Then when you are back home take a little time to get the bills paid and do that kind of stuff and before you know it it’s time for bed.

Well, in my case it was time to upload a few new pictures onto flickr, post here at 150 North and then go to bed!

At least I’m not going to bed hungry and thinking of the pecan mudslide tonight! See you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “A normal life

  1. I had a little Dairy Queen experience also. I really wanted a hamburger, and Nik was working so he couldn’t make me one (yes, I do ask him constantly to grill me hamburgers… isn’t he nice to do that for me all the time). So, I think… geez, I haven’t had a Dairy Queen hamburger in a long time. So, anyways, I went, got it… and it was horrible!!! You know that felt stuff that people put on the bottoms of their couch feet to keep it from scratching their floors? It was kind of like that, between two buns. Needless to say, I doubt I’ll go back.

  2. Haha! A “felt” DQ burger??? That is too funny. Yeah I have found with DQ that the food can be really hit or miss. Sometimes it is ok and others, just horrible. But have you tried the waffle bowl yet??? haha

    I think what amazes me more than you asking Nik to grill you the burgers, is the fact that you are even wanting a burger in the first place!hehe

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