I’ve been thinking….

About what is the big question. Actually, more appropriately would be, “what haven’t I been thinking about?”. You could say that I am very much in a random thought mode with all sorts of things just zipping through this goofy looking head of mine. 

Things like

I can’t wait for friday because then I am officially on vacation for 11 full days, counting weekends of course! I’ve also been thinking about the movie that Omega and I watched tonight, The Invisible. It was a good movie, very interesting approach based off of a swedish novel if I remember what I read on the screen during the credits. Thinking about some very kind comments made to me at church this weekend. I really didn’t expect them, in fact I never even saw them coming, but they were very nice indeed. I won’t go into what exactly was said here because I feel like it was something said to me and if I go and blab about it here I would feel like I was bragging or something, which I am not at all, but I just don’t want it to be percieved that I am. There was also a comment made that was sort of a welcome kick in the butt, you could say. I was told by someone that they hope I have a better week this week because that way my post’s here wouldn’t be so sad and depressing. I thought that was funny, but it did two things for me. #1- it made me realize that nothing is that bad and that now I have vented so I need to just move on, or at least stop whining about stuff here! #2- it made me realize that someone is actually still reading this little adventure here at 150 North, so thanks to those of you that are keeping tabs on the site here. I am glad that you find it at least mildly worth your time to see what I am up to these days.

I just wish more of you would leave comments and thoughts on what  you read here! haha

I am thinking right now that I am getting a little hungry and that it is too late to eat anything. Although a pecan mudslide from Dairy Queen and a glass of milk would rock the house right at this particular moment.

Of course I also occasionally have thoughts of worry cross my mind. Mostly about money, the price of gas, how can I afford to keep driving so much for work, how much I want a new job here in Hibbing or Chisholm so I wouldn’t have to drive 100+ miles each day and spend in the ball park of easily $600 each month just for gas in my car so I can work.

I really think some DQ would be great right now, but they are closed and it is too late to be eating that stuff so I think a slice of “camoflauge” cheese will have to do instead. (for those that don’t know what I am talking about here, “camoflauge” cheese is my name for the cheese that is cheddar and something else mixed. I always for get what the other cheese is, but it looks like orange and white camo, hence “camoflauge”cheese)

I also think that it is bed time. As I mentioned in my “cold feet” post, I just got the slightly irritated tone of voice from Omega asking when I was coming to bed. It’s good to have her home again!


2 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking….

  1. That sounds like it could be right. When I wrote this I was thinking cheddar jack for some reason, but that didn’t sound quite right to me so I think you are correct!

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