No cold feet tonight…

Omega is staying in Hoyt Lakes tonight and even though it is just one night, it still really stinks not having her curled up next to me when I climb in bed. I am so used to getting into bed only to have her curl up next to me and stick her ice cold feet on my legs to try and warm them up. Then as they start to warm up I love being able to just listen to her start to fall asleep, breathing a little slower and deeper, her body just totally relaxing. Then, just before she totally falls asleep she almost always will roll over so her back is to me and then totally nod off.

That is why I am still awake now, in fact. It feels uncomfortable to not have Omega next to me when I go to bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that she was able to go enjoy herself this evening and I have no problem with her staying at the familie’s place over there. I wouldn’t dream of telling her, let alone even asking her to make sure she comes home late at night, just so that I was able to sleep better. Not in a million years would I do that. But the fact remains that even if it is for just one night, I miss her. I miss having her there next to me as we fall asleep. I even miss her asking me if I am coming to bed anytime soon with that irritated tone in her voice because I said I would be there in 5 minutes and a half hour later I am still putzing around on the computer or watching tv or something. That’s probably why I am still sitting here typing this at 12:19 am instead of just going to sleep like I should have done a while ago.

It’s just one night, tomorrow will be back to normal. I can handle it…..I can handle it….that’s what I keep telling myself!


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