Shot down

Well, for those of you that know the situation I have been working for the last few months it all came to a head today and all I will say here is that I didn’t get it. After being flat out told I was supposed to get it I got a call this afternoon and found out that it was given to someone else.

Needless to say I am very bummed about that, a little angry and frustrated as well as feeling like I was just jerked around quite a bit.

But everything happens for a reason, so I am trying to find strength in that. I just wish I had even the slightest inkling as to what that reason is…

That’s not for me to worry about though, so I am trying to just move on.


One thought on “Shot down

  1. That sucks, but it sounds oddly familiar…oh wait, that’s because Sandstrom’s did the same damn thing to Andy! In his 1st interview the guy almost came out and told him that he had the job, then the 2nd interview kept getting put off, and then the guy wouldn’t even return his phone calls.

    You’ll find something else, if that’s what you’re even talking about here…

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