Oh what a day

Not really actually. In fact there was nothing really extraordinary about my day, at least until the evening. I got up, went to work, got a killer headache for a while because for some reason my eyes felt like they were dried out like a couple of raisins, came home and mowed the lawn. Well, that felt nice to get that done. Then the evening was very nice. Omega and I grabbed a Big Bird Sub, probably the best sub sandwich anywhere in my opinion, and then she suggested that we head over to the driving range for a little late evening relaxation working the kinks out of our golf swings. That was lots of fun. We then came home and watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, which was great. Although it really stinks that we have to wait till next fall to find out what is going to happen next. That show is fantastic for leaving everyone on the edge of their seats through the off-season.

All in all, the first 3/4 of the day was pretty routine and boring, then the last 1/4 this evening after work was terrific. In fact with everything going on right now, it was kind of just what I needed, probably actually just what we both needed. And no, Omega and I are not having any problems and there are no kids on the way. Just a lot of job stuff going on for me that I am hoping will be resolved tomorrow sometime. Once I know how it is all going to shake out, I will let you know.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I also slipped in about 20 minutes of drumming between mowing the lawn and getting dinner.

That always makes me feel good…..

So tell me, how was your day?


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