Strange Combination

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you stop by the store just to pick up a few things, you wind up grabbing such a strange hodge-podge of items that the cashier has to be wondering if you are brain dead or something.

I started thinking about this yesterday when I was in the process of buying the previously mentioned weed trimmer. In my cart at the time was an electric weed trimmer, a gas can and some wiper blades for my car. I couldn’t help but wonder if the cashier, or anyone else that glanced at my shopping cart, was looking at me and thinking that I must be a total idiot because I was buying an ELECTRIC trimmer and a gas can.

I think it has motivated me to kind of spy on what other people are buying when I am in a store, just to see what sort of strange combinations they are buying. Maybe I can create some sort of crazy stories about what they are doing with the wierd combinations of items they may be buying.


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