A new purchase…

The last week/weekend has been just a total blur and honestly right now I dont’ feel like recapping it all in detail. Lets just say last week was absolutely hectic at work and I just seemed to drag on. Friday I got off about noon, picked up my new glasses and sunglasses, drove a ton, then drove some more, had a nice relaxing visit with Omega’s parents and some of the family even though it was really short, drove a ton more, tried one of the new Dairy Queen Waffle Bowls and it was tasty, got home and started the work week over. That for me equals up to just a whole bunch more driving. That kind of sums up the last week and weekend for me, which brings me to my new purchase tonight. Not that it is anything really big or dramatic or even fun, but I bought my very first Weed Eater Lawn Trimmer. I will put it to use tomorrow night, as long as it doesn’t rain, when I plan on doing the yardwork. Our lawn is way past overdue to be mowed, which is a whole different story that I don’t feel like getting into either.

Random thought for the day: I wish I could find some sort of home based business, something along the lines of Omega’s Close to My Heart Scrapbooking business only more geared towards something that I know at least something about, that I could do on the side to make a little extra income. There just isn’t anything out there with the selling potential of scrapbooking and believe me, I have conisdered going into that and putting my sales skills to good use in a side job as well. I won’t do that at all though because A) I know nothing about scrapbooking, stamping or card making, B)It would look awfully strange for me to be selling scrapbooking, stamping and card making supplies and C) I want to see Omega make money at this and I don’t want to compete with her for potential customers as it would be pointless because they would all want to work with her since she knows what she is talking about!


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