Free at last

Well, my stressful projects at work are about finished. I just have a few more follow ups to make and I will be good to go. However, there are some other things that have come up very recently that has kept the stress level up there…at least today. I really can’t elaborate on that any more right now, but let’s just say that all that is running through my mind is the thought of “decisions, decisions”. I have some very large decisions to make by probably tomorrow morning or afternoon at the latest and I am hoping that I decide correctly. Once it is all said and done I can fill you all in further. Or if you really want to know, and you are a friend or family member, go ahead and call and I will try to do my best to clue you in.

Let’s all just pray that I make the right choice…..

Oh and by the way, these decisions have absolutely nothing to do with when we are going to start having kids….nothing at all, I promise you, so if you are going to call and ask about that, save yourself the time because I don’t have an answer for you there.


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