A new favorite activist group

Earlier this week my Dad and I had stopped into a local sporting goods store in Grand Rapids called Glenn’s Army Navy. While browsing our way through for a few minutes we came upon a t-shirt advocating a new activist group out there. They are, in fact, stealing the name from another popular group out there and making it their own.

You are all familiar with the group “PETA” or “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”. They are, in my opinion, a bunch of idiots. Sorry if you support them, I mean no offense to you, but lets face it…Cow’s were put here to be eaten by humans and if there is a use for their hides after they are killed to be eaten, so be it!

Anyhow, this new group has stolen the “PETA” name and made it their own. “PETA” now stands for “People Eating Tasty Animals”. The slogan of the new and improved PETA; All wildlife animals look best next to the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Of course I don’t think that ALL wildlife falls into that category, but certainly many do!

Naturally this isn’t an actual group. Just a clever play on words contrived by someone to make some money on some t-shirts and hats, which this new slogan and group name were printed on. Being an avid hunter and outdoors-person, I found this to be very funny. Mostly because I can’t stand the ridiculous lengths that the real PETA will go to in order to save an animal from man killing it. Especially when these animals often face much more brutal deaths and treatment in their natural habitat. For example, hunt down video footage of wolves killing deer or other animals and see how brutal that is compared to me shooting a deer. I guess I’m just not an animal rights activist kind of guy. To each their own I suppose.

PETA vs. PETA, I can see the lawsuit coming already! To that I say to the real PETA, relax and quit taking yourselves so seriously. It is meant as a joke and a bit of razzing, that’s all. Instead of spending all that money on a lawsuit, donate to the DNR or some wildlife benefit to truly help animals.


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