Thought for tonight…

I was listening to a little talk radio this evening, which for the record is typically my first choice in radio programming, and the host was talking about all of those things from our past that will never become outdated. These are things that basically were created perfectly the first time around. They also were talking about all those things from the “old days” that the younger generations of today know nothing about. Admittedly there were a couple of things they talked about that I had no idea what they were, but I was familiar with most. It really makes you think about all those things that you used to use or see as a child or young adult, that will never be in use by the time your grand-kids are your age. Like the 8 track cassettes or maybe certain old toys like the original “Lawn Darts”.

Some things, however, have already proven that they will stand the test of time. Think for a moment about the genius of the paper clip and the stapler. Two items used every day in homes and offices worldwide that will probably never become obsolete. That’s a brilliant invention.


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