Absolute Disgust

Today, while eating lunch at the Chisholm McDonalds with Omega, we witnessed an absolutely disgusting act by a member of management there. You see, seated at the table across the isle from us, a group of managers were going over employee reviews or something along those lines while they ate lunch. Apparently one of these managers accidentally threw something out on his tray that he didn’t mean to, so here he goes dumpster diving right in the middle of the lunch rush. Well, yes that was kind of gross to watch this guy rummaging through the trash bin maybe five feet from us, but it wasn’t the main source of our gross out.

After digging through the trash for a few minutes he stands up to announce that he couldn’t find whatever it was he was looking for. Oh well, he said, guess I’ll go without it. I think it was some notes he had jotted down about an upcoming review or something. Then to our astonishment, instead of heading to the bathroom to wash his hands he kind of “dusts them off” on each other and then on his pants and sits back down. Ok, that was gross, but it gets better. About 5 minutes after the dumpster dive, the lunch rush proceeded to get sort of nuts, so the managers all jump up to be the heroes and get behind the counter to help out.

You guessed it, our dumpster diver just rummaged in the garbage for a few minutes, wiped his hands on his pants, sat down for about 5 minutes and then started serving customers…..WITHOUT SO MUCH AS THINKING ABOUT WASHING HIS HANDS! Now that I think of it, none of the other managers washed their hands either, although that doesn’t gross me out as much because I didn’t just finish watching them paw through other peoples left over food scraps in the garbage.

Omega was literally at the point of gagging and she kept saying that it almost made her want to write a letter to the editor in the paper to expose this “dirty” little secret. I told her to go for it, just don’t give her real name. I don’t feel like worrying about whether or not my food is getting the “special” treatment the next time I go there.


3 thoughts on “Absolute Disgust

  1. okay so I saw the same person at Mcdonalds in virginia today luckly it was after I ordered my food otherwise I think I would have left. Plus I was pretty hungry too. But I was still disgusted by it just seeing him there!!!

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