Living Last Supper

Tonight was our church’s annual Living Last Supper. This is a really cool event held every year on the Thursday before Easter. I wouldn’t really call it a play or show, maybe a tribute of sorts would be a better way to put it. What happens is men from our church re-create the “Last Supper” painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Not only do they get set up and pose exactly like the painting, they give the story of each person at the table. Kind of a who’s who of that famous work of art, as well as a brush up on some important biblical history. Each of the “apostles” tell their story of where they came from and also question themselves on if it is them that will betray Jesus as he has fortold.

I guess I can’t really explain it, you just have to see it, but it was once again very well done. In fact I think in the 3 years I have attended it, this may have been one of the best I have seen . I was a little disappointed though because I had brought my camera and tripod and was hoping to get a really good picture of the full table, just as in the painting, that I could get printed and framed as a gift to the church. They do have someone else take pictures every year anyhow, but I was hoping to get a unique shot that would portray the scene. Sadly though I was unable to get any real good group shots, however I did get a couple of individual and close-up portrait shots that turned out pretty well.

Oh well, I guess there is always next year!


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