A little unsure

Does anyone else think it seems a bit odd that a chocolate caramel apple with nuts and toffee all over it would be stocked on the same shelf next to all the health foods?

Tonight while in our trusty local Wal-Mart, I was walking through the produce section and they have their section of “health” foods, which includes a lot of your pre-packaged fresh berries, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables. I stopped and was looking at some of these veggie/fruit smoothie drinks and I noticed that in the midst of all of the healthy food, there sat a full row of nothing but the huge chocolate caramel apples I mentioned a second ago. For some reason I found that very contradictory and quite frankly, very strange. The funny part was that the packaging almost seemed to be trying to justify why it would be in that healthy food section. There was a statement on the package in big letters that said something to the effect of “One whole real Granny Smith Apple on the inside!”.   

As if the softball sized layer of sweets all around it didn’t outweigh the benefits of eating a whole bag of Granny Smith Apples!


2 thoughts on “A little unsure

  1. Kind of like when people order breaded, deep-fried cauliflower and think they’re getting a good serving of vegetables….

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