Punk Kids…

Yesterday while in Duluth with Omega I saw a shining example of the greatness that is the youth of today, and I mean that very sarcastically.

We were in the Duluth Miller Hill Mall and I was waiting on a bench outside of Front Row Sports while Omega was in looking at clothes or something in another store. So I am sitting there and I watch as a few customers walk into the store and then the employee follows them in. He was sitting out inside of a pontoon boat that was on display in the middle of the mall. So this kid walks into the store following a family with a couple of younger kids, maybe 10 years old or so, and is making comments to his buddy in the boat about how he wishes that people would stop coming in to his store because he didn’t feel like working. Problem #1- no customer’s equals no job moron!

So as he walks behind the counter and turns around I notice that he has a huge wad of snuff in his lip and is spitting into his little bottle like a fiend. Problem #2- if I am not mistaken the mall is tobacco free so he is in danger of having his manager’s butt in a sling should someone report it.

Well, here is this family shopping around and the kid is just leaning across the counter like he can’t even stand up because he looks so tired, yes, the whole time spitting into his bottle which I should mention is being set right in the middle of the counter in all its nasty glory. I noticed the mom and dad of the family shopping kind of eyeing him up a little and finally they rounded up their kids and left the store in obvious disgust at the service, the comments made by the kid and by the huge bottle of snuff spit sitting in front of them on the counter. Problem #3- kid chased away his potential customers, which means that they probably will never come back there AND they will probably tell everyone they know about the little fiasco as well so they lost who knows how many potential customers. Meanwhile the business owner is probably scratching his head wondering why his sales are steadily declining.

I was just amazed, even though sometimes I am not sure why since so many of today’s youth have this attitude. I am not a parent, but I just kept thinking to myself, I bet his parents are proud of him. Again I’m being sarcastic. Although, more than likely he has the wool pulled over their eyes also and they don’t even see what a slacker punk they have for a kid.

And someday, they will be the ones running this country….


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