In search of a small bit of knowledge…

I need to know. Do those big grey squirrels that you see in towns up here know how to swim? For that matter do any of our northland squirrels swim?

I only ask because today I am pretty sure I almost watched one drown as it tried to hop across some water that was flooding a ditch. He went to hop, looked hesitant but hopped anyhow and then proceeded to land square in the middle of this huge puddle that had to have been about 6 inches deep. I kind of think that at least this particular squirrel had no idea how to swim because it made a couple of frantic looking hops and made shore on the other side, soaking wet and moving very slowly. I had my camera with me but it all happened too quickly for me to stop the car, get the camera out and get some shots of this craziness. Bummer…..

So anyone have any ideas? Do squirrels swim?


3 thoughts on “In search of a small bit of knowledge…

  1. The first line came from the famous site whether they can swim or not. Squirrels swim using a “dog paddle” motion, and their tail as a rudder. Swimming is very strenuous for a squirrel, and it’s not done unless absolutely necessary. This website talks about the grey squirrels..not sure if they are the ones you are talking about though. Just thought I would let you know of the site.
    It sounds like they can but it is not on the top of their list of things to have to do!!!!

  2. Thanks! Well, now I know. At least I kind of know, since I haven’t went to the site to read the information! But I am going to just take your word for it!

  3. I have been wondering if squirrels can swim and found your Web site. In the last month, nine grey squirrels have drowned in my swimming pool. We have a severe drought in the southeast and I know animals are thirsty. We’ve tried putting things in the water for them to climb up on but still they keep drowning, which makes me think they might not be able to swim at all.

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