Top secret weapon tested by Marines

So it seems that there is a new secret weapon to be used in the war on terror. Marines have been testing it recently at the Marine base in Quantico, Virginia as well as at Fort Detrick in Maryland about two years ago. The Air Force has tested this same technology last fall near Colorado Springs, Colorado as well. Apparently it has the power to knock out communications in a large area. So what is it? A new smart bomb, electromagnetic pulse bombs, a top secret agent codenamed the Eagle that will sneak in and take on all of the terrorists worldwide with nothing more than a big knife?

Actually, I guess this isn’t really a weapon. It also does not knock out communications. Instead it seems the testing the Marines and the Air Force have been doing actually is doing nothing more than attacking life in suburbia.

Apparently they are testing some specific radio signal frequencies for use during terror alerts so that both the military and the civilian emergency responder’s can communicate in case of an attack. These radio frequencies seem to attack and successfully neutralize any nearby garage door opener systems.

The people that live near the bases have had to spend hundreds of dollars to replace their garage door opening systems and there is currently no compensation being offered by the military or the government. They say that “Consumer wireless devices, such as garage door openers, operate on an unlicensed basis, meaning they are required to accept any interference from licensed spectrum users, including the Department of Defense”.  How is that for a fine how do you do? The government gets to say “We are gonna test some stuff. We know it will mess up your private property, but we don’t have to fix it. Sorry, but if you don’t like it……too bad”

Read the whole story here, it’s not very long so check it out. Marine signal knocks out garage door openers. Story on


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