Or maybe lack thereof is more like it. Right now we should be sitting here in the middle of the “Storm of the Century” according to some TV weathermen. Pretty much most of Minnesota was supposed to get hit, but as I looked out my window this morning I saw nothing but a few little icy flurries on my car and nothing falling from the sky. It seems it missed us again, at least so far. Maybe tonight we will get blasted with a big storm, but I know it won’t be any sort of Storm of the Century. Crazy weathermen.

Well, since we didn’t get the “Big” snow we were supposed to, my photo plans for the day may be in jeopardy. I was hoping to get out and grab some nice shots of the high winds blowing large amounts of snow around in nature, however with no snow I am left with just the high winds. I am going out anyhow though, as the weekends are about my only real time to just go out and shoot without having to worry about work or anything like that.

On a little more local note before I go off. For those of you out there who may care about this. The Hibbing/Chisholm girls hockey team lost yesterday. They are in the State Tournament and if they would have won yesterday they would have played in the championship game today. But they lost so I think they play a consolation game today or something. On that I am not sure. Also, the Grand Rapids/Greenway girls hockey team lost as well yesterday. This was the 2nd consecutive loss in the State Tournament for them so I believe they are done now.

Didn’t know if anyone would be interested in hearing about that so I figured I would just throw it up there and see what happens. Also, I may have a post with my thought on Jim Carrey’s new movie, “The Number 23”. Omega and I went to see it last night and if I feel motivated enough later I will post up my thoughts. For now lets just say it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t anything really special in my book.

But that’s all for me today. I am heading out the door now to see if I can find anything to take photo’s of. Stupid weathermen and the “Storm of the Century”


3 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Storm of the Century…. not so much. I worked late last night, and left the office around 8pm. One of my co-workers had left around 4pm, and she was calling me with odd updates throughout the night. Apparently, the Rainbow Foods in Inver Grove Heights went all out for this “storm” (meaning the 5 snowflakes that hit the ground). They had a huge sign out in front of the store, urging people to come in and get the last food that will be available for a while because of this huge storm that was headed our way. And it was PACKED inside – wall to wall people. So, I left work, and was dreading having to go to Cub in St Louis Park for some milk. I head in, and the shelves were literally empty in many spots; along with boxes torn open, food and cardboard all over the place, pop cans rolling down the aisles. So I ask the checkout boy what had happened (at this point, even the 5 snowflakes hadn’t come down yet). He said that about 3 hours earlier, the store had been completely bombarded with people, grabbing everything they could get their hands on to stock up on food. I gotta say… it felt like 1999 again. Crazy people.

  2. That is hilarious! Even if you would have gotten 2 feet of snow, it isn’t like there aren’t about 5000 different grocery stores down there within probably a mile of most people! They could walk there if they needed too! haha

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